Liang Wei Road:“Chairman knows that you will be dangerous after you go out.,So we made arrangements in advance.。”

“it is good,That’s hard to Liang Shu,Everyone who is moving tonight,I don’t want to see them again.。”Lu Hao Cheng finished,Hang a phone。
Liang Wei:“……”President,You also don’t know you.。
Fortunately, the chairman arranges in advance.,otherwise,I will definitely do things tonight.,Half a month ago,The chairman discovered that it was wrong.,Someone surrounded him。
In order to bring this force,Only call the president and the lady。
President is very smart,I will understand the president’s meaning.,Only let Li Tingby people all over the army。
Thus,Li Tingby’s forces can also remove some。
The other party is too large,Can only slow down slowly,Until thorough ice tile。
Lejia has now become a plate of shackles.,The secret force has been pulled out by them.,As for what big waves do not rise。
Li Tingyuan is always old,I can’t catch up with the young generation.。
Blue Xin is looking forward,Lu Haoge’s mobile phone rang again。
“Hey!”This time he took the headset.,The phone is hit by Lin Ye。
“Li Shuzhen is already fine.。”
“knew。”Lu Haocheng Road。
Lin Ye is happy to laugh:“I will release a message this evening.,Lejia tomorrow morning chance chicken flying dog jumping,But what is the blue and Hao Peng??”
“Um,Everything acts as planned,As for another news,You want to press it。”Lu Hao Cheng finished,hang up the phone。
Blue Xin, I didn’t speak.,Lu Haocheng has a good plan.,She is worried about a fart.。
Lin Ye:“……”Let him find a way to press,How do he think of a way??
Lady of Lu Group,It is enough to shock the network for these words.。
“Help,This bitter is,I am not talking about it.,This time, if it is not successful,He depends on Lu Hao Cheng.。”Lin Ye belongs to the words,I called Li Weiyun.,Tonight dating and soup,I want to swear.。
Hazardous release,The car has a highway,Blue Xin relaxed vigilance,Sleeping and looking for home delivery。
She sleeps on sleep,I will fall asleep without much.。
She doesn’t talk quietly.,Lu Hao Cheng turned,A little woman has already slept。
Lu Haocheng laughed,She is better than her heart.,At least soon, I can forget the thrill just now.。
An hour later,The car stopped in front of the villa door.。
Blue Xin also woke up,She looked around and watched around.,It turned out to be home.。
“so tired。”She stretched a lazy waist。
Lu Haocheng helped her to solve the seat belt,Going over, I got her forehead.。
“Blue,If you are tired, you will get off the bus back to rest.,I first put Yangmei first.,I am sending it to Le Yu tomorrow.。”
“it is good!”Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin get off,I saw a person sitting at the door.。
Some black days,Who is not clear?,Blue Xin stunned,I feel some familiar。
“Big brother,How are you here??”Blue Xin is very surprised that the brother appears here.。
Gu Yi looked at the sister,I want to cry without tears,Even a little poor。
“Small memory,I was caught up by my grandmother.。”Sound is a bit pitiful。
Blue Xin:“……”What does it mean??
“Big brother,what happened?You are angry with your grandmother.?”
Gu Yi shook his head,Take things through high-speed Blue Xin。
Time to go back to three hours,Gu Xiaoyamai and Gu Mama today and Mu Ziqi to see Xiao auspicious,Three people talk on the road to the road,Go back on the way back,Gu’s grandmother, I mentioned Gu Yi, still not married.。
Mu Mu said with the mouth.,“the kids these days,I like to live alone outside.,Have a girlfriend brought home,Feelings are also progressing。”
Gu Xiaoyamai immediately listened this.,Dareful her grandchildren live with them,I haven’t found a satisfactory girl.。