At this time,Chen Erniu walked in with a group of people。In their hands,All are big bags and small bags。Chen Erniu while walking,Laughed:“Uncle and aunt!We gave you a new year”

“You brat,Is it because of my case of good wine?!”Xia Zecheng laughed,Greet everyone to enter the hall。
These people who came with Chen Erniu,Most of them have been in the village with Xia Jian。Everything is fine now,This makes Xia Jian feel particularly comfortable。
Sun Yuejuan was already ready,In a while,A hearty and good dish was put up。Zhao Hong is pouring wine for everyone,Seven or eight people gathered around the whole table。
Xiao Chenchen also likes to join in the fun,He saw that there were so many people here,So I ran over to make a fuss about drinking。This made everyone laugh so much。In order to let the little guy know the taste of wine,Xia Jian really poured him a little。
The little guy tentatively raised the cup,Take a sip slowly。Suddenly his expression brightened,He sticks out his tongue,Keep blowing,Running around in the house。
Zhao Hong has a look,Give Xia Jian two punches,She smiled and scolded:“Did you treat the child like this??”
“Bad father!I won’t play with you,I play with grandpa”Xiao Chenchen said,Hit Xia Jian,So he ran up to the kang。Child’s innocence and cuteness,Made everyone laugh。
Get together once a year,Everyone let go。Xia Jian knew,Among these people,Are you drunk?,It must be that the wine was not drunk well。There are six bottles in one case,Less than two hours,Four bottles have been put aside。
Although Xia Sanhu’s drink volume is not very good,But he can control the rhythm of drinking。After all,It’s not good to drink so much。Unfortunately there are too many people,The size of this drink is also uneven。When the fifth bottle is opened,Two people lie on the wine table。
Chen Erniu is happy,Immediately let people help these two drunk guys back home。
“Xia Jian!Xiping Village can have today,I can say that you have contributed。As the saying goes,Bitter and willing,You are doing well now,Brothers are also happy”Chen Erniu carrying a wine glass,Drink it all。
This kid,Used to be a rough man,I only know fights every day,Or tease women,Never speak。But since he was appointed as a village cadre by Xia Jian。Chen Erniu has changed a lot,First from appearance,And then inside,He really worked hard。