However, when Lufei and others have passed through each town,Seeing the statue standing in the city,They understand the moment.。

The green-haired swordsman seems to have saved this kingdom.,And give their rich water resources,Improve the living conditions of this kingdom。
After a line of Alabastan,The straw hat and I went to the empty island.,And bring back a lot of gold,After the water seven island,Preparing to bring new ship。
But Upop’s money has not got the shipyard,Just gave it to the people of France,Now the three giants of the straw hat are preparing to find Frangee accounts.。
Money was grabbed,Lu Fei and others have not felt how big anger,After all, they are the pirates.,It’s normal to be robbed.。
What’s more, these money is also what they have come.,Lu Fei and others angry,Your companion is when it is awkward,Still dying hug box。
The previous Uso is a terrible thing.,But in order to protect the money of Meli,But it has achieved this extent,How do this let Lu Fei are not angry?!
And this time at night,After that, after a few days,Finally found the sediment of water。
no way,He is not a nautical,There is no record pointer,Can use a few days to log in to the sediment,It’s already good luck.。
And in order to know,Where is the current timeline?,The first thing to land the sediment of the water,That is to find a Franch home。
If Franche is still on the island,Then explain the time he leaves.。
But if Francheli followed the road, they left.,According to the time judgment of Alabasan,At least for nearly one year。
Although the night is indeed still with Robin.,After that, in the island of the water,But if time is too long,Night is not sure they will wait for themselves。
Have to say that Franch is a wonderful,His younger brother didn’t go well.,Male is like killing Matt,The woman is like Taisi。
“Your boss Franci,Is it still on this island??”
For the night of the night,And the door is not angry with no fare.,Franch’s little brothers are naturally quite uncomfortable。
“My boss Franche is not on the island.,I am the boss here.!”
Franch’s number one Ma Zi worship,Looking at the night in front,I thought that the night is coming to find things.,I want to give the other person a little lesson.。
And I really didn’t say anything.,His boss Franche is holding money to buy a branch of Juja Adam.,It’s really not in the island of water。
And the night, but it is completely wrong.,I thought that France has already taken the way with Lu Fei.。
“In other than that time at least for a long time??Do not,This is only calculated according to the least amount of time.,Maybe I have been more than a long time.。
Since Franch is not there,So disturbed,I still have something to accompany.。”
Looking at night, it’s a self-reliance.,Then I am ready to leave.,I would like to look at it.。
The other person is first arrogant.,Then pat your buttocks ready to leave,What is the family of Franchi??
They are the land snake in the island of water,In addition to the shipyard, they don’t dare to provoke,Others on the island are afraid of who?
The other party came alone,I am ready to go.,This is the Franch House,Not outside in the bar,Come to see,I want to go。
And I am praised to prepare for the people of the Franch.,Less the night, this arrogant kid,The back door of the Franchi House is also a few ways to cut off.。
Angry Luffy,Solaon、Mountain gure,Qiaob is on the door.!
“Are you robbing a long nose??”
Lu Fei is very angry,But every time you are angry is basically related to your own companions.,He cherishes his companion,Who is degrading his partner,That is to touch his anti-scale!