Confused cherry blossoms,They don’t have such a good treatment,Nature is a snoring。

but,Everyone is unexpected,In the five team members,There are two female players,And the figure is good.。
Team,Naturally, Zhongchuan Ren once challenged the summer.。
“Wang Fei,I have to remember it after you play.,If you can’t afford it,Don’t succeed。”
Wang Fei four players,Some are surprised。
“Remember my words。”
Summer shink,Not explained。
The five team members who represent Qinghai University,Nature is a student selected from the Sanda House。
Noon,Summer and they have a few hands in summer。
to be honest,In addition to Wang Fei,The other four are almost a flower shelf.,Not much actual combat effort。
Confused the University of Sakura,Even if you haven’t started yet,Summer can be seen from their raising hands.,Although these people are gently,But no goodness。
There are countless thoughts in the mind.,How many worries in the heart of summer。
At this time,The host has introduced the two team members,After introducing two referees,The game is coming soon。
话音落下,Wang Fei迈着沉稳的步伐走至场内。
“主持人,我并不认同你刚才的话,所谓友谊第一,比赛第二,在我和我的队员们看来,根本就是一个自欺欺人的笑话,我们反而很认同贵国的另外一句话。”在一片Sword中,她冷笑一声,“那句话就是……文无第一,武无第二,呵呵呵,若真是为了友谊,那就不必打了,Especially martial arts competition,I can’t do the second,Don’t guarantee the first friendship in your mouth.,Injury and out
It is inexpensive,If you are afraid,Directly。Do you usually use the so-called modest to hide your own inferiority??”
The last sentence,It is said that Wang Fei said。
Entire gymnasium,鸦雀无声。
But next second。
“Roll your grandfather!”
“Infine you paralyzed!”
“王飞,狠 死 死 国!”
Almost everyone is anger,Even if the host and two referees are difficult to see the pole。