Recognition of the science,I feel that I might overestimate the blacking phenomenon of this symbolic spirit.,In fact, in addition to white dream sound feathers,The only black, is Yoshida,It is possible that Ji’er’s extreme is only caused by the particularity of his personal.,Does not represent everyone will extreme。

“Excuse me,If you are later, I will catch up with the last bus.,goodbye。”Corporation or choose to leave,There are two little guys around you have not persuaded。
“Um,goodbye。”Bai Meng Yuxi said,Although this long-lost troubles have made her very touched,Nostalgia,But she doesn’t have a reason to stay now.。
However, the code of the department stepped out of the door.——
Sky is thunderous。
Then he was awkward, a rain is falling down.。
A rain puts me here
【Special props:Weather doll】Successful。
If you don’t make a mistake,Its effect is to change the weather at a critical moment,It means in this props,Now is a critical moment?
Bai Meng Yuxi looked at the heavy rain in front of him.,What is the next story is
Behind her,Sister hits each other,Like celebrating God。
“Report,I can’t walk.。”I have been turning around for a while.,Scratch。
Chapter 46 · But with you to hide the rain
late at night,Wanjia lights。
It is also very strange to say,When the subject is just turned off the light,There are many heavy rain outside.,It seems that he can’t get up and go home.。
There is also a more strange thing,Bai Meng Yuxi took a shower,A return of a house is found to go through the roof.,She has to go to the house to sleep。
This intended and Xia Zijie,But I found that her room also missed.,She moved to the study。
Bai Dream can only be squeezed with your brother.,But your brother said that I have grown up.,It is no longer able to sleep with my sister.。
One said one,Two rins in this room,How to see is like artificial。
It seems to be a few minutes in her bathroom.,Hurry and hurry。
——You two little guys,What is the abacus?!
that’s it,Bai Meng Yuxiu will cover the cover to the living room,And the subject is sleeping in the same room。
Good in the living room。
This kind of feeling of sleeping and other people sleeps well.,Still a male。
“Sorry,Let you sleep in this place。”Bai Meng Yuxi apologizes,The palm is in the chest。
“Sleeping here is also quite awkward,It is easy for people to think in the living room in the summer.,Memory memory。”Corona is lying on the bed,Looking at the night outside the window,Rain is especially quiet in the courtyard。
“That is really a special memory? Is it a family??”Bai Mengyu。
“Yes。”Kohuan said,He didn’t expect the other party to take the initiative to file a family.。
He knows that the other’s parents have already passed away.,But I didn’t expect him to find a portrait in this room.。
Either it is very bad,Either I don’t want to face the fact。
“Have you heard about my family??”Bai Meng Yuxi suddenly said。
“Heard a little bit。”