She has always been dreaming of the house after buying, she can have a floor window.。

I didn’t expect this day that I really can realize.。
“Beauty,Can we stay here for one night??”
Can,Can,The rest is the procedure,You will live casually。”
I heard this,Zhao Xiaoling smiled and looked with Li Hui。
road:“Then I live here tonight.?
We can look at the moonlight,Enjoy the star of the sky,how?”
Li Hui Feng saw Zhao Xiaoling’s way of appearance,Laugh:“Naturally it is ok.。”
“Let’s not go tonight.。”
Listen to the two people you 侬。
Sales of beauty,At the same time, it is also rushing to leave a reason.。
With the other party,Zhao Xiaoling directly went to Li Hui Feng,I am full of love。
“breeze,thank you。”
“Forehead,Ling Sister,You said this too much.。”
“Do not,I really want to thank you.,No, I don’t have a look at it.,Never need to say that you can live in the dream you want.。”
This is said,Zhao Xiaoling also hugged Li Hui directly。
Li Hui felt the exciting mood of the other party,Immediately put the other party。
Gently sniff the fragrance on the other side。
“All this is fate,Who let me meet Ling sister?,And still hiding the fate of the past。”
Said that Li Hui Feng also began to say that the bits before the two people。
I didn’t want to have too much feelings with Zhao Xiaoling.。
Zhao Xiaoling also felt some incredible after listening to it.。
After all, she is also arrogant when she has just returned to the village.。
She doesn’t say that she is in the city in the city,People who have friendships in the office are row。
Just no one can reach the requirements of her mind.。
“Then you have made a decision, don’t develop it with me.,Why did you come with me later??”
“Hey-hey,Still not Ling Sister, you are too beautiful,Be too warm,I dare to say that there are few men who can go out without a few men.。”
Zhao Xiaoling heard this,I can’t help but pull the waist of Li.。
“Humph,My gentle country is only alone.,Don’t want to come in anyone else,But you are not allowed to go out。”
I heard Zhao Xiaoling firm words.,Li Hui also knows that you may not have some words.。
I immediately laughed:“I didn’t want to come in the gentlestology of Ling Sister.,However, Ling Sister did not want to develop with me.?