“His Royal Highness Ron,This is too sudden,Can’t you give me some time to think!”Wright thought for a while,Say so。

“That is natural!”The third prince Ron is very polite,“If you want to be‘Shark Legion’Chief of the Legion,Please also notify me within one month,After all, the supreme leader of an army,Can’t be vacant for too long,As for the worship hall or magician advisory group, etc.,Open the door to you at all times!”
“Then how can I inform your Royal Highness Ron?,Should I go directly to the palace??”
“That’s not necessary,Directly to。。。Just come and find me here!”Ron reported an address,It’s still very close to Wright now。
“If Your Excellency Wright intends to serve‘Shark Legion’General,Please also notify me as soon as possible,After all, whether it’s the knighthood ceremony or some other things,Very time-consuming!”
Sent away the three princes of the empire,Wright thought for a while,Although I have decided to take the post‘Shark Legion’General。But what do you do after you become the captain,How to use this power to avenge,Do you want to take your family to Thousand Islands?,These all need to be considered。
Three days later,A grand knighthood ceremony was held in the Sistan Palace。
The colorful glass illuminates the moving light and shadow,A mural depicting the figures and stories of the eight dukes of the founding empire and the first emperor himself。The seats on both sides were full of nobles who came to watch the ceremony。And in a position that these nobles can’t see,There are three sanctuary here。
“Old man,You really made this kid Wright jump into the vanity fair of this empire!”Baruch,The originator of the Dragon Blood Warrior of Magnolia,Wright’s prospective father-in-law is a little unhappy,In his opinion,The strong should focus on cultivation,Like he doesn’t have any titles,But it is the founding emperor of the Sistan family,I have to be respectful to him!Isn’t it because he is a dragon blood warrior!
Wright took office in the Empire,He is very dissatisfied。
The second person of the Sistan family,Charlie·Sistan sees nose, nose and heart,Who called that‘Vanity Fair’It was opened by his house,And he himself is far from the opponent next to him。
“That kid has his own ideas,Not to mention to temper one or two,Good for him too。”The Cromwell Saint Magister seemed very indifferent,After all, Wright can get such a title and position,He still exercised one or two。
Wright wore a full set of dresses of mainland nobles,Kneeling on one knee, Emperor Percy·In front of Sistan。
An attendant walked in from the side holding a brand new earl dress,This dress is mainly dark blue fur,The edges are inlaid with gold and silver threads,The tall top hat is decorated with a light silver circle。
“You use your courage、Your glory、Your faith,Prove your worth to the Empire。”