Old man Zhang saw Chen Xiu staring,I know this kid is bragging。

“Row,You come with me,I take you to open your eyes……”
Old man Zhang involuntarily pulled Chen Xiu out of Yuxuan and got on the Bentley Timothy parked outside.,The car survived in an alley on Antique Street not far。
Chen Xiu followed Old Man Zhang out of the car,When I looked up, I saw a store that said“Treasure house”。
The old man took Chen Xiu into the door,The waiter at the door bowed and shouted at Old Man Zhang。
“This old man actually opened a shop for antiques?He took my Xuande furnace six million before,I’m still making a lot of fools。
It is estimated that this cunning old man can sell for 10 million after changing hands.……”
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“Did you surprise me that I was your company,Last time I sold my Xuande furnace, I pitted it?”
Old man Zhang can tell the authenticity of hundreds of thousands of antiques at a glance,Chen Xiu’s careful thought was not seen through by him at a glance。
“Do not……Yes。”
Even though Chen Xiu thought so,Of course you can’t say that。
The business with Old Man Zhang was voluntary,There is no such thing as strong buying and selling。
“Hehe……You kid is hypocritical,But i like!”
Chen Xiu was embarrassed for a while。
“do not worry,I am not a professional antique dealer,Collecting antiques is just my hobby!”
Chen Xiu naturally doesn’t believe it,Thought to myself:“You old man is more hypocritical than me,The stores are open and they say that they are not a professional businessperson,Who believes!”
“Don’t you believe it……My old man fell in love with these old objects in the early eighties,Buy one if you see one,These decades,There are too many things hidden,Although my family is big enough,But no one appreciates it or uses it。