The last summer finally understands,Xia Xue is the dislike that he is not going to see her first.。

“Ok,I don’t go to the old house.,Go to the company now to find you。”
“This is almost,Hurry over。”
Even afraid of summer repentance,Interrupt the phone right。
Summer is smirk and shakes his head.,Restart the car,Step direction,Ling Yun Group。
All the way。
When he came to Lingyun Group,Strand Xia Xue office。
“Bounce,You also know。”
Just pushed the door into the office,Xia Xue ran over a wind,Regardless of the ears of summer,“You a little bastard,Why don’t you worry?。”
Summer 龇 龇,There is more exaggeration to have more expressions on the face.,“Sister,Let go。”
“The old lady does not put!”
See this,Summer has to suffer。
“Hum,How?There is still grievances.?”
Though,Xia Xue is released,眼 眼 眼,Tears in the scorpion,“Bounce,You are trying to kill every day.,Do you know how much I am worried??You,If you have a three long two short,Me,How do I live?……Hoot……”
See her,Summer is so comfortable。
He is not afraid of this person.,The most fearful thing is Xia Xue’s tears。
So hate Xia Xue is stopping the choke。
She is sitting down in the summer,I bubble a cup of tea for him.,Rotating and carefully,Light channel,“Tell the matter and say last night。”
Summer will naturally do not hide,I will tell the last night.。
Certainty,He deliberately hidden the things you were injured.。
But so that the summer is surprised.,When I said the mysterious woman,The micro-face in Xia Xue face is clearly changed。
He remembers once inquired Xia Xue once,After all, it was in front of the Tomb of the Ming people.。
Summer Snow said that it doesn’t know each other。
“Sister,You……Know each other?”
“Don’t know。”
Xia Xuefu shook his head,But watching the summer mean eyes,Immediately defeat,“Ok,I really have seen the woman.,But I really don’t know。”
“Really don’t know?”
Repeat in summer。
“Really don’t know。”
Xia Xue’s look is also extremely serious,“When I give you a gravel,I met her a few times.,I also asked her.,She only said that my dad is a human being.。In fact, I am also very curious about her identity.……”
Merely,Her face suddenly revealed a weird smile,“Bounce,You said that woman is you……Mom?”
I just brought a tea in the mouth.。
First1623Chapter Have a big event
Looking at the summer,Wolf,Xia Xue suddenly laughed up。