NS1106chapter I am still far away with Laozi.

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NS1106chapter 贱 贱,You are still far away.
Look,I only saw a pair of young men and women on the right side.。
It is a woman who speaks.。
This woman is tall,The face is also better,Just wearing a comparative exposure,Sunglasses with a half-faced face,Looks fashion and enchanting。
See her,Liu Qingqing is first,Shun,Touching the joy,Take the initiative。
“You are……Fang Fei?”
The two obviously know,And it seems very familiar。
It’s just that the summer but frowned.,I feel like you have heard of this name.,I suddenly think,Suddenly。
Not long ago, in the old town of Qinghai,Liu Qingqing and Qinling chat,Two people recall the killing,Talking about going to school,It seems that this name is mentioned.。
now,The woman named Fang Fei also exposed a smile,Just this smile looks falsehood。
“I thought it was wrong.,I didn’t think it’s really you.,Liu Qingqing,Since after graduation,We have never seen it.,How about it?Have a handling。”
Speak between words,Reprimation of high superiority。
Liu Qingqing is not very much,The smile on the face is sincere,“Yes,I have passed a few years.,Fang Fei,are you OK。”
“Bare to live,correct,I introduce you。”
After the end,Young people who turned back to the back。
Youth’s appearance is still handsome,Wearing dress looks like a rich person,Just face pale,Eyeliner。
even so,He still takes a concealed look,Constantly stealing the chest and thighs of the car model。
Obviously a wine excessive guy。
“This is my husband Zhang Qiang。”
Finish,He is introduced again by Liu Qingqing,“A strong,This is our college classmate,Liu Qingqing。”
Youth eyes bright,The scorpion has a deep evil.,Take the initiative,“Hello。”
Liu Qingqing reports with a smile,Polite with each other,And reach out to the other party。
only,When two hands are holding,Liu Qingqing looks。
She felt that the other’s little finger scored a small circle in his own palm.。
Fortunately, I’m also,Gently, it will be released.。
“Liu Qingqing,Is that your boyfriend??”
Fang Fei is aligned with the summer,Up and down,Gaze,Just when I saw a simple casual dress in the summer.,Immediately revealed a concealed。
“My boyfriend,summer。”
Say this sentence,Liu Qingqing secretly sneaks a summer,Look at his face is not exposed,Heart is not happy。
Immediately for both parties,Several sentences in each other。
“Liu Qingqing,I remember that you are still in the third time.,I rarely go to the school.,Later, I heard that you went to your company.,correct,I heard that your company is going down.,So many years,It should be closed early.。”
Fang Fei’s words seem to be concerned,Facts reveals a high high posture,It is very uncomfortable。
Liu Qingqing’s expression is again stiff。