“Amitabha,Xiaoyu is Brahma。”Brahma laughs。

“You are north yin yang.?”Dawang looked at the north yin and yang face showd a smile。
“good,Underground Yinyang。”Bei Yanyang is negligent and smiling:“Lord is?”
“Ha ha,It turned out to be a friend of the city,Please come in,I am one of the leaders of the city owner.!”大 钧 王 haha laughs and laughs:“I have had more sins just now.,Please forgive me。”
“Big brother is polite。”North Yinyang and Brahma Refreshing Laughing,The two people secretly shocked。
Lin Feng actually has so many saints,What extent is his cultivation??
I immediately took the depth of the mountain around the Yinyang and Brahma.,Dashan is deep in a palace,Shabby,Copperprint,It is the greedy palace。
“Greedy palace?”
Beings and Brahma are surprised,They know that last time, Lin Feng, Lin Feng, who was in greedy.。
“The last time the city can reunite in the greedy star and two,Why missed。”Dawang smirk。
“We have been in the emergency,I didn’t expect him to come there.,Other people?”Bei Yanyang inquiry。
“The city owner now goes to the North Mo Star.,I have already explained it before.,Since the two come here,Just in this greedy palace,There are some old acquaintances here.。”Dawang smirk:“Please!”
“it is good,Please!”The two people and the north yin and Yang have followed the king.,Just started,Welcome to the eleventh movement in the distance。
Herone is Tolsmu,Yamoto,Krevo et al.。
“long time no see。”Tolsmu,Yamoto,Krevo and others have smiled and tricks.。
“have not seen you for a long time!”
Brahman and the north yin and yang are slightly excited,I don’t know why,Despite the relationship between everyone in the lower bound,But in this god,It’s still in Lingbao.2000for many years。
This makes Brahma and North Yinyang very excited,The two of the two goes up,Everyone hugs a group,The big king has left a silence.。
“I,You are making good!”Vaina looked at a few people:“Very weird practice。”
“This is the creation of Xiaofeng.。”Tolsmu smiled and explained:“We can only practice here.,I have to wait for him to create a new realm.。”
“He finally creating it out.,Is it printed by an emperor??”Bei Yanyang Wen Wen Ji Ji asked。
“His road and others are different,Nothing from the gods,There is no immandator,King’s imprint。”Yamamoto smiled and explained:“go,Drink while drinking!”
“it is good,Old three bull!”Bei Yanyang Wen Yixiang,Can’t help but admire。
“Amitabha,Xiao Yi admire!”Brahman is assassinated。
I immediately went to a deep mountain of the Greedy Palace.,A table banquet,Everyone drinks,Tolsmut and others have not hidden,Directly speaking Lin Feng’s situation。
There is nothing to conceal for North Yinyang and Brahma.,Maybe it’s from the lower boundary.,There is a kind of cordial。
“sharp,sharp,This road has come to the end,Nima,God can be hit。”Bei Yanyang picked up a glass of wine。
“We all want to waste martial arts,Follow up。”Vaina。
“Hey-hey,No。”Krevo laughs。
“correct,Where is your hydrogen bomb??”Bei Yanyang can’t help but ask。
“3000kilometer,Everywhere,Half holy is hurt。”Torsemi is a smile。
“fear!”North Yinyang and Brahma two people face each other。
“So in this thing to embrace some ethnic groups。”Tolsmu laughs。
“Can really scare themselves。”Bei Yanyang ignorant:“But can’t reveal stuffing。”
“This assured,We are doing very hidden,In order to fight for the development of the people。”Krevo interpretation:“And this thing is indeed,Who is not to serve them,Half holy is dead。”