Infinite Palace Master is stronger,The happier he!

“The descent,I’ll deal with that world beast later,Once I kill or force it to explode,You come out to swallow his origin!”
For Li Ming, the world beast servant at the sixth-order threshold,In addition to being a guarantee for the final persecution of the beasts and his fight,I can only use it as a watchdog,Rely on the clone to warn you!
But if you reach the top of Tier 6,,Strong enough to fight against one of the opponent’s ten world beasts,It’s a very good helper for him。
He protects the human race,By the way, protecting the entire universe is much more convenient。
If all the world beasts take advantage of his going out‘Steal home’,His own world beast servant can resist one or two,Play a big role。
“Coming!”Li Ming’s heart moved,Slow down,If it gets closer,Maybe it will be discovered by the clone of the world beast。
Disguised as a giant axe,Can’t show his speed,It doesn’t make any sense to pretend。
“It’s so fun!”The Tier 6 world beast, who comfortably swallows the origin of the fifth Allah of the God Eye Race, the small universe, shows a slight smile:“If you swallow more small universes,It is estimated that the stored energy can resist the attack of the Infinite Hall Master!By the time,The born world beast king is still ours。。。what,It turns out that the so-called God Eye Clan has moved to rescue soldiers!”
Tier 6 world beast squinted his eyes,Looking far away:“This speed,It should not be the Infinite Palace Master。It looks like,Should be the founder of the Great Axe in the same camp as the Lord of Infinite Palace。Let me see the strength of the cosmic sea powerhouse,It should not be as powerful as the Infinite Hall Master,If the strength is not strong enough, I will kill。。。Ha ha,Infinite Lord,Can’t kill you,You can kill your fellow clan!”
“Beast,Die!”‘Founder of Giant Axe’Holding a jade-like axe,Pounced on the Tier 6 Beast,Big axe in hand swinging,Show terrible strength。
“Slightly stronger than Tier 4 World Beast,But the Tier 5 world beast is enough to suppress him,And the divine body is also very ordinary!”feel‘The powerful strength of the giant axe’,Realm Beast calmed down,“It is indeed worthy of being the top five in the universe,Although there is a big gap with Infinite Hall Master,But it’s worth my all,But I will do my best,he—Sure to die!”
The body of the world beast blasted out bloody energy,This energy forms a pattern,Then the energy was instilled into a huge beast of light,Both roar at the same time,A dazzling swirling vortex channel strangles directly towards‘Founder of Giant Axe’!
Jasper’s axe slashed into the vortex tunnel at the same time,When the moment of contact,Jasper’s axe seems unable to bear the pressure,Start to crack。
Beast laughed,Then it solidifies on the face。
Because it feels a familiar oppressive force!
That’s what it has faced before,Infinite Palace Master’s Void Domain Method!