“Follow me。”

One of the bodyguards cold and open,Turned to go。
This area covers a wide area,Three people walked through a piece of grass,Wearing a piece of artificial stone forest,Finally, I came to an elliptical lake.。
Walking,There are black bodyguards to patrol and warning each direction.。
Besides,Many places in the secret, even the sniper gun,Can be told。
“Two, please come with me.。”
When two people go to the lakeside,A black man stopped them,Chinese is very smooth,Very polite。
Summer noticed,Just in a pavilion in the middle of the lake,An old man,Carrying hands,Quietly 伫 立 立。
Have a problem.。
In the middle of the night, I took a cool in the lake.?
It seems that the summer is different,Chen Bing’s rare explanation。
“When he learned about my plan,That is the bait……Very powerful。”
Summer is a sudden,It is rapid thinking in my mind.。
I quickly embarked on the stone arch bridge.,Enter the gazebo,Bodyguard turned away。
The old man is polite and smiling,“Two please sit。”
He looks like a sixty years old.,Skeleton is wide,The shape gives a hard feeling,A pair of scorpions not only is not turbid,Instead, the eagle is generally sharp,Not angry。
“Mr. Gu,Are you really ready to do this??”
Chen Bing is open to see the mountain,“There is no perfect plan in this world.,I can’t guarantee that they will do it now.。”Toned,Also,“Moreover,If they do their hands……I can’t make sure your security。”
NS255chapter The way of living
Chen Bing said the fact。
She all the programs tonight,In fact, it is a temporary,Has a lot of sudden emergencies。
Like her special traded,In implementing the task,I often encounter various accidents。
Below this situation,They will randomly strain in very short time,Develop a temporary plan,Used to break through deadlock。
certainly,There are also many uncertainty。
She is the purpose tonight,Just want those who assassinate the old man,Network。
But can you succeed?,Everything is unknown。
One of the most important points,It is the other party who will not appear tonight.。
Don’t appear,If it appears,It will be a bloody battle。
At the time,Chaotic,She can’t ensure the personal safety of the old man。
to be honest,She is the same as summer,There are crazy factors and adventure spirit in the blood.。
“Miss Chen,How many times I have been assassinated for half a year?,I have already put the life and death.。”
The old man apparently understands this truth,But he didn’t fear,Even a sharp momentum,“I repeatedly retreat,Even if you go back to the Mainland,They don’t let me,I really thought that I didn’t dare to die with them.!”
“Since this,I will try my best to ensure your safety。”
Toned,Chen Bing is looking at the summer of silence,“Mr. Xia,If,Please try your safety。”
Summer nodded,But not。
In fact, he knows,Chen Bing has concealed many information on himself.。
E.g,Why do each other to kill old?。
To know,This is the old man of Gu Haizhong,It is a famous big rich man in Hong Kong Island.。
Not only Hong Kong Island,Even throughout Asia,I am aming the list of Forbes Form,Absolutely a well-known person。