“Demon!”Lin Feng looked at this scene shocked.。

“Bamboo,Bamboo!”Just at this time Tobus, I once again exuded the red light of the 11th blood color again.,These blood color red light is interleaved on the remaining four bodies。
These four corpses are the sword of the magic river,Magic River Moon,There are also people who respect the team leader.。
Blood-colored red light penetrates four corpse throats,Then, the latter strong essence entered the body of Tolsmu and other eleven people.。
Tolsmu,Yamamoto Yutao is transferred to a more powerful breath.。
Dramatic roaring sound,Eleven people have a scarlet,Look to the void,It’s like burning as burning.,The breath of the body began to grow crazy growth,Evil of the sky is shrouded this void。
After a quarter。
“boom,boom!”Continuously four dramatic explosions sound,Four bodies completely lost blood,Then the post directly fell。
Tolsmu,The breath of Yamamoto Yutao is climbed to a new peak realm.,Then stop,Everyone’s breath has climbed nearly ten times higher than before.。
“Thank you!”
Tolsmu,Yamamoto Yuto and others have greeted rushing.。
“Faced into the body?Ambitious?”Lin Feng smiled and looked at a few people.。
“Master Hongfu,We have been successfully practiced without dead corpses.,Equal to condense the print of the king,Or the king of the big blessings。”Torsemic gas is a little excited。
“Grandfather,Don’t drag my homage.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Also give me a welcome。”
“Ha ha,it is good,We are welcome,But this kind of unscrupulous body has a defect。”Tolsmu haha smiles,Then the look:“Can only be advanced by absorption。”
“Yes,Owner,This is a trouble。”Yamamoto,Charlie Man is also the same,Never light absorption。
“This is not,There are many war in the future.。”Lin Feng sorrows:“I am responsible for this,Does not affect the absorption?”
“This does not affect this。”Krevo laughs。
“Do not affect。”Lin Feng sorrows:“You understand that the three births are like?”
“I have realized,Our understanding is not from yourself.,It is coming from the idea of remaining in these corpses.。”Krevo interpretation:“So master,We want to promote high places,Can only devour an alloy of increasingly high realm。”
“I said that,This is not a problem。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“I want to cultivate you into a zombie ancestors.,Let countless foreign doors eat。”
“Thank you!”
Tolsmu,Krevo,Yamamoto Yutao and other eleven people get this commitment,Sudden excited。
“All right,You refine space bracelet。”Lin Feng Road:“With the equipment here,Alternatively choose a zone,Because the strong people of the big country often come to the mountain,To avoid being discovered by them。”
“If this is the case,Owner,How do we travel to the eastern city of Northwestern??There is a mountain there,Extension 3,000 miles。”Krov meditated:“There is a massive uranium!”
“East of Northwestern City?The mountain is known as the Nisson Mountain。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Choose the Nissan Mountain.,I will send a master to protect the master.,In addition, there are three spatial bracelets,You take it.。”Lin Feng directly handed three bracelets in Tolsmu directly。
NS1269chapter Northwest City Street
“Thank you,Owner,Buy more space bracelets。”Tolsmu smiled and explained:“The more you better。”
“Do not worry,Less you less,Start refining bracelet,Then pick up the equipment area。”Lin Feng looked at Tolsmut and other people。
Tolsmu,Yamada Yutao and others heard a saying,Nowadays, all kinds of disk knees are sitting on the ground to refine the space bracelet,Soon eleven people refine the space bracelet,Then it will be dismantled here。
After the disassembly is installed into the space bracelet。
“Really amazing,No weight。”Torsmun shakes its own space bracelet:“If you can bring the lower boundary。”