Summer is a chess piece?

“That summer……He……”
Not finished。
The woman shakes his head.,“I don’t know in summer.,In fact,Summer is a lot of people’s chess pieces,Everyone is on the game。”
First1577Chapter Invite
Next three days。
Summer is always waiting in Li Zhai,Do not leave home。
And these three days,Also there is no one to come to the door to find trouble。
This thing seems to have this tiger’s head.。
But the summer is not so much。
Although he can’t see the most secret of the secret,But I know that I am now in the rumor tip.。
Don’t go out is not afraid。
But these three days,I have been discussing with my grandfather to explore martial arts.。
It can be said that summer harvest is quite。
And you can learn from time to time and old people.。
For summer,Is a very enjoyable thing。
But just this day,Liu Qingqing found the summer。
“Summer,Do you still remember that we met my classmate Yang Xiao in the Long Grandpa shop??”
Summer nice head,“Know,What happened?”
“She called me.,I want to invite me to participate in the classmate。”
Liu Qingqing is looking forward to,“You said……I am going??”
See her,How can I don’t understand her in the summer?,I immediately laughed,“Of course I am going.,You have never seen your old classmates for many years.。”
Summer this person is moving,And quite patience。
If he is willing,I can even stay in the old house.。
But considering the feelings of Liu Qingqing,So I decided to follow her together and walk.。
“Good,Then let’s go together。”
Liu Qingqing is a highly color。
In fact,She is not the kind of person who can not sit.。
But these days,Regardless of the foreign public or those old people,There seems to be busy。
She doesn’t know what she should do.。
I want to spend more public.,Old people hide every day in the study,I don’t know what I am mysterious.。
She is tired of summer.。
But I feel that I am so big.,Can not express a lot of girls with no mature。
Now Yang Xiao invites her to participate in the classmates,But you can take the opportunity to relax。
In fact, she is also quite expecting this party.。