“Yes,Think。”Zhou Ye won low channel。

After all, it is difficult to postgraduate this kind of thing.,Especially specialist students,It’s even more difficult,So he is a little humble。
I don’t even dare to say that I have to post.。
Chen Riyuan is coming over,The experience of the experience is not blowing,Sometimes, three words can understand the psychological activities of a person.。
He has a slight cough:“boy,I have to put a long history.,The specialist students also have a lot of,Don’t be embarrassed,You have to excellent you are more than many undergraduates.。”
“real?”Zhou Ye is a surprise。
Sometimes he will feel that he is more excellent than a lot of the whole day.。
But feel……After all, I think I feel.。
If this is not the same, it is different from Chen Riyuan’s mouth.。
Because Chen Riyuan really has seen so many intern,He tells these words, it is more convincing.。
Get the recognition of Chen Riyuan,Zhou Ye,It is also a heart heating,I’m almost in tears, I’m rushing up this Chen Shu.。
Good in protective clothing,Limited his operations and ideas!
Chen Riyuan looked at Zhou Ye,Suddenly some feelings。
Hospitals sometimes really unfair for specialists.。
Since it is so hard to find a job,Why do you have to set up a clinical medicine in a specialist institution?。
Chen Riyuan sighed:“If you succeed,In fact, it is also playing a lot of undergraduate faces.,Prove that as long as you work hard, you can do it.。”
Learn this kind of thing,This has no qualifications,Is it still a person who really pays enough time?。
Strive to strive and fight hard,This phase is different from 78,000 miles。
“I believe you can,Do you want to have to go to school??”Chen Riyuan cares。
“Are you thinking about them??”Chen Riyuan seems to have a smile under the mask。
His voice sounds like a very happy,With one kind of interest and ridicule。
“Xu Lu is a good girl。”Chen Riyuan also forgot to promote the water。
This wave is explained?
Nice girl?
Zhou Ye thinks that Chen Riyuan is sure:“I did not mean that。”
Chen Riyuan sees the needle to follow the road:“Then you mean……Do you think that Arno?。”
Zhou Ye turned over white eyes。
This Chen Shu is clearly looking for himself.。
This Lao Lu and He Non,He can’t afford it。
One is a thousand gold lady of overbearing,One is the height of the horror。
Think about it feels terrible。
And Yau Ye is what I interest to them.,It is a pure friendship。
Correct,He himself……situation,Which one is equipped。
Think of your current situation,I suddenly unconsciously unconsciously,The expression is somewhat lost。
He found that he was more and more impetuous recently.,It seems that I can’t see it.……
“How to counter this state?Catch a fart,Similar social animals。”Zhou Yewu hes himself。
After the completion,He found that the stuffed stuffed!
Chen Riyuan is staring at him:“You want to postgraduate?”