After reading it for a while,He Tao is very angry。

“We are here,How is the loss??”
After all, this time,He’s a few warehouses were taken by the fire。
Around the person,He Tao,In the mouth,I finally didn’t say it.。
At this moment,He Tao looks around,I know what he is concerned.。
“fine,I am not angry,Despite it。”
When I heard that He Tao said,This,people around me,This is very strong and said。
“Housekeeper,We have the profit of this month,Loss is approximately 30%。”
After the people around you are finished,This,He Tao’s brow is slightly frowned。
this matter,From itself,What will be brought?。
These,He Tao’s heart,It is even more。
And the weight,This,He Tao bites his teeth:“hateful,did not expect,This Shen Xuan is really,Actually ruined the profit I have been 30% of this month.。”
He Tao’s words exported,Those people around me have a low head,Don’t dare to see He Tao。
For He Tao,His line of sight is in front of him,The more you look, the more you feel very angry.。
Other things, I will not say it for the time being.,But here,He Tao’s heart, the more you think it is,this matter,Be sure should still solve it quickly.。
He Tao’s face,Those people around are curious。
finally,One of the people of Hevirze asked。
“Housekeeper,Let’s now,How to do?”
at this time,He Tao came back to God。
For these things,He Tao’s heart is deep, the more I want to feel anger.。
Other things don’t say,But Shen Xuan,Let them suffer。
What is this,Be sure to solve。
Think of these,He Tao lifted his head to see the front。
The more like this,He Tao’s eyes,It’s even more shouting.。
“Another thing is just aunt, don’t say more?。”
“but now,This Shenxuan,Must resolve!”
When He Tao’s words were finished,obviously,For these,It’s even more harmonious.。
Where is the people around,Then I didn’t forget to talk about my eyes.。
“Since I do this now,So what are you waiting for here??”
“Who said is not?,Anyway, now it is completely exported.,Since this is said,I want to say,Let’s still have to handle it.。”
“this matter,Indeed, not simple,This Shenxuan,Let’s everyone,Be careful!”
When those people around,You have said that I am talking here.。
obviously,Such a thing,For them,What will be what is the point?。
These things,It’s been there is no doubt。
And tap these,at this time,He Tao suddenly thought of a plan。
“correct,We are this time,Surgery!”
“But the target,Is the Headquarters of the War!”
When He Tao’s words said,obviously,It is completely to let the people around those people, the more I feel angry.。