They are desperately desperate。

They can only be desperately desperate。
If you don’t fight,Guo Zijian knows that Feng Tianpeng will definitely find yourself trouble.,This madman is facing,He is hard to determine what you will work.。
Allen hugs the same idea。
He is now fully determined,The driver in the two cars,One of them,It is definitely the mysterious person of the year.。
He used to lose the competition in the nearly immectic,Some kilover,And now come to Huaxia revenge, etc.,Still is a shameful humiliation。
He is not willing。
“Tesra and Pani have entered the second circle of quarter schedule,Now Tesla is temporarily leading if the two cars continue to maintain such an advantage,So,They will arrive at the end after twelve minutes。”
The host’s voice is open,Strive to render the atmosphere,“Maybe tonight,Our Logan Racecourse will create a miracle”
Many people have deeply。
But there is a person’s exception。
She is a cup of coffee,Looking at the screen on the wall,There is a rare and wipeful between the look.。
Whether it is summer or Feng Tianpeng,Brought her very surprised。
Therefore, her judgment has also been proved.。
In her estimation,Guo Zijian and Allen are not just that the game is so simple.。
Today, the second circle schedule is about to be half,The advantages of the two cars are too obvious, they will win this game.?
If it is just the case,Pour is also a good result,Anyway, she is a big earner.。
She is hysteres,The pupil in a pair of phoenixes is not condensed.。
at the same time,The square also came in the square。
“See!They are slowing down”
“Do you have failed??”
“Two cars stopped。”
Various sounds are full of surprises and concentrate。
Just after Tras and Panani have passed a type of curve,Even slowly slow down the speed,Finally parked on the roadside。
what happened。
This is a question in everyone’s heart。
In the car,Summer open the window,Opposite。
I saw Feng Tianpeng to ignite a smoke.,Spit out a smoke,A pair of eyes,“Surnamed,You have to kill the western?”