Chapter 910 The strongest warrior night

“How about it,Do you want to gamble??”Night reveals a fearless smile,Saiyan blood in the body,Let him get along the road to death.。
“so it is,Actually there is still this approach,Can this matter do??Kartrot。”
Bergiita is also excited to lick your lips.,If there is absolute strength,Who is willing to be a dog?,He is proud of the prince of Saiyan。
Multi-power,His Berga deeply,It was originally integrated with a high-spirited Akita with the power.,That strength is thinking about it.。
Anyway, the other party said before.,Whether it is a wheel battle or together?,He is completely,So they now engage in integration,Can’t bearish。
“have no idea,Teach my integration skills,Didn’t say that you can burn double。
But integration skills,In theory, as long as the height is quite,And if there is a magnitude of the gas,Can complete the convergence,So we can try it out.。
After all, just like the night.,We do have no second way.。”
soon,Sun Wukong and Bergiita were stunned with Wuhe Tiantian.,After completing a shameful fusion action,The new soldier Akita was born.!
“This is really amazing.,Dad became a person with Uncle Begita.,And this is strong!”
Seeing the appearance of Gitta,Whether it is ambolk, Turkis,The expression is very shocking。
For fusion cultivation,Whether it is Sun Wukong and Bergiita,Did not say to other families。
Sun Wukong is simply forgotten,As for Berga, I feel too shameful.,If it is not special,Even if you kill him,He will definitely not use the integration in front of Terran。
Aizhi’s appearance,Also let the Bruce who waited for the chest on the front of the chest opened his eyes.,But just so much.。
Birus can feel,This newly born Saiyan is really strong,But only this extent,Still can’t do it yourself。
Looking at the integrated Akita,Night, I also took out my own pills.,Directly forget to throw a few。
Night’s gas,It is not as strong as Gitta.,In order to keep your own gas can be consistent with the other party,Night can only use drugs to achieve a short outbreak!
Drug entrance,Into an abnormal pound gas in the morning.,The ground under the foot is also a crushed impact on the gas of the collision.。
Then, the night, Lewa, and standing on the left and right sides.,Poster a funny action like Behagi Tower,Then gradually get closer from the left and right sides.。
Obvious,I have witnessed Sun Wukong and the Bergiita two.,Everyone already understands,Now, the night is soakeited, I want to do anything.。
Along with an extremely thorn light,The strongest Saiyan in history was born,The Saiyan Saoyan has a preceding Wu Giita,But it is slightly different,As for the hair, it is not black.,But the green of the night。
Probably the green hair gene is too strong.,After the ambaggita and the night fusion,The green head is still retained.……
“Since it is a night, Wei Gitta,That is called the night swap.……
Well,Although the nameLOWPoint,But now I am strong, it is very incredible.。”
The voice of the night Wuhu talks like a trio.,Some tone is like the night before,The attitude is a bit like Wuji Tower before。
“This is really amazing.!Dad first fused with the uncle of Berga,After that, I actually fused with night.,So people now appear,What level is strong?”
Enwelling and others have been completely stupid,Akita before you appear,Already surprised everyone。
Akita before you appear,Bring the feeling of everyone,It is more compressive than the magic people.,Night Wu Tower, now,It is even more so that everyone has no words.。
“Dad is fused with the uncle of Bergiita,Fusion with the night uncle,Shouldn’t it be stronger??
Why don’t I feel that they are qi now?,Tex?”
On the side of the real world, Trentx, who is watching the same.,Ask questions in my heart。
But unfortunately,Tex also feels the gas of the night,It is better to say more than they,In addition to Bruce Petris,Others probably feel the gas of the night。
As for the reason, it is also very simple.,无他,因为现在的夜悟塔,实力层次已经超过他们太多太多了,甚至已经不是一个次元的存在了。