Not afraid of death??

Tan Feiu is gradually falling from half-air,Stare at the forest,The murderous is already in the top of the head.。
“You are very good。”
Lin rang to open the sky,Get more embarrassed。
“Humph!Waiting,Let you taste my emulsion。”
Tan fertilized autumn, let the people in the field are not hidden。
The next awareness is alert。
The eyes of the forest are always sympathy.。
For the Yuan Yingqiang,Dead is a little thing,If you are insult,That is not big.。
It’s harder to kill them.。
The look is cold:
“I am looking for death.。”
After that, he will be opened in front of him.。
Patient force under the foot,Instantly pull out the number of unclear。
The appearance of these residues is present in the scene,Big ate。
Because in addition to the residue,Lin’s real body, they can’t see it.。
This person is more horrible than anyone of them.。
Tan Feiu is finally changed from the appearance of the autumn.。
Because Lin gives him a feeling,More than any kind of baby who has seen is terrible。
thus,It is not difficult to judge,This person is also a strong manager of Yuan Yingfeng。
So strong is like this。
It’s really blame。
but,Now there is only such a strong person to make you excited.!
The figure of the forest appears in front of him.,耳边便传来了及冷漠的声音: