Liu Tang secretly informed:“Watch carefully,If it doesn’t work, just grab someone,My husband must not have an accident。”

Xiao Ruoyi is extremely confident in Lei Tianzi,Comfort road:“Don’t worry, madam,I’ll go up if it doesn’t work。”Today’s Xiao Ruoyi is also a master of fascination,It’s a pity that it’s still the first level,A little bit out of touch,But Xiao Ruoyi is ready to sacrifice himself。
Dong Chaner’s hands and palms are full of sweat,Seeing Lei Tianzi in danger,Scream for a while,Clap your hands for a while to encourage,She was most involved in the whole battle,Very thrilling to see,Even Liu Tang smiled knowingly from time to time:“The fairy that my husband fancy is really a wonderful person,It’s just like a piece of white paper,Actually, my husband is fine,Until now, I haven’t even used the power of divine consciousness.。”
After three days and three nights,Tianzi Lei felt that the final battle was getting closer,Calm down,The opposite of him is,The schoolmaster became a little restless,He felt a great danger from the crowd watching the battle is approaching,I’m already regretting showing up for an unbelievable grandson,The result of this battle is really not easy to say,I don’t know who will die in the end。
When Lei Tianzi was exhausted,Suddenly felt a surging force in the dantian,He was overjoyed:“Are you really going to improve?”
When Lei Tianzi was in deep thought,His Dantian has undergone earth-shaking changes,The realm of small levels began to improve,Promoted from the fifth stage to the sixth stage from the infantry period。
Xiaohou also felt the change of Emperor Lei(qíng)condition,Shout:“You don’t want to die?Actually promoted while fighting,I see if you can really upgrade。”
After speaking,Xiaoxiao’s tricks changed,Stop fighting with Lei Tianzi,Instead, concentrate on the power of high realm to suppress Lei Tianzi,The most powerful blow will be launched,To kill Emperor Lei on the spot。
It is indeed quite dangerous to advance in the fight,Cultivators will definitely be distracted because of promotion,Unable to concentrate and fight,Xiaohou is a super strong,Killing Lei Tianzi in seconds。
Liu Tang didn’t even think about it,Offering a photo of bullets and firearms,Aim at the schoolmaster and pull the trigger,Lei Tianzi took the opportunity to retreat from the battlefield,The soldiers of the First Army stepped forward to protect him。
The schoolmaster didn’t look at Liu Tang’s hand at first“stick”,It’s more than a hundred miles away,Unexpectedly, a light like lightning could break through the defensive armor,At school(shēn)Make a big hole in the body。
“you……”After the schoolmaster found out that he was recruited,Extremely shocked,People have come to the time,Just spit out one word,turn(shēn)Fall down。
Xiao Ruoyi immediately passed the order:“All,Enclose Xiaohoucheng,No one is allowed to run away。”
The cultivator who watched the battle saw Xiaohou was killed in seconds,Know that the war is over,Immediately disappeared,Don’t run now?There have been lessons before,In the process of the strong fight, there is no time to take care of the onlookers of those little shrimps,Once one party has won,For some reason,There are many precedents for killing all onlookers。
There are nearly 100 million sergeants in Xiaohou City,Officials at all levels,Xiaohou himself is the strongest in Wuliu Continent,The lord of other cities are also subordinates,After the death of Xiaohou,A vacuum of high-level rights appeared in Wuliu Continent,Ambitious people will naturally seize the opportunity to grab various resources,The weak are looking for backers,For a time,The heroes of Wuliu continent rise together,Billowing,Fighting fights every day,The originally peaceful and quiet Wuliu Continent has become a chaotic world of lords competing。
Lei Tianzi and others are still in Xiaohoucheng to clean up the mess after Xiaohou’s death,First, post a notice to comfort the military and the people,Then check the schoollord’s direct staff,Anyone who is die-hard and relative,Are all taken care of,Soldiers and civilians suppressed by the school are promoted and reused。
Lei Tianzi, who is wholeheartedly searching for Yingyu, has no intention of managing the chaos in Wuliu Continent,The two wives Cao Xian and Ba Shan were dispatched to collect all the classics accumulated by the schoolmaster before his death.、history、Scripture,Find records about Yingyu,As long as the classics with the words “Yingyu” are found and studied carefully。