“How can i not understand?Underestimate me?”He Lang grabbed the fishing rod,Emperor Lei didn’t compete with him either,Let go。

The moment the fishing rod is handed over,Tianzi Lei felt a very powerful spiritual force pushing him three meters away,Secretly surprised:“The silly boy is not weak。”
He Lang is not a quiet person at all,Changed three places in less than a minute after standing on the bow,Then stared and asked:“What is fishing?”
“What feel?”This sentence stopped Lei Tianzi,He really can’t explain what it feels like,But he also has other ways to explain this problem,Said:“Take a deep breath,Feel the breeze and drizzle on the lake,The breath between heaven and earth murmured in the ear……”
This was originally a piece of groundless nonsense,An abstract way of thinking,Unexpectedly, He Lang nodded and said:“You really know my master,That’s how he taught me to practice。”
surprised,Lei Tianzi guessed that Yun Tianzi belonged“Way of Heaven”A cultivator,Secretly happy,Said:“how about it?My level is about the same as your master?”This is to put gold on my face。
Unexpectedly, He Lang followed:“I think your level is better than my master,I don’t understand what he said,I can understand you。”
Tianzi Lei was a little confused at first,Then rejoice,Said:“Then follow me in practice!I will point you at any time。”
“Do you need me to call you master?”He Langbiao(qíng)Say badly。
“The relationship between us is the exchange between good friends,Not the kind of teaching between master and apprentice,Don’t even need to call me master。”
He Lang likes this sentence very much,I scratched my head for a while before I remembered and said:“What’s your name?”
“My name is Lei Tianzi,You can call me Mr. Lei。”
Since He Lang’s master is Yun Tianzi,Only then did Emperor Lei tell his real name,Otherwise, I really don’t deserve to be He Lang’s teacher。
“Hello, Mr. Lei!”He Lang and him(tào)Almost said。
The more they talk, the closer they get,In the end almost everything,Lei Tianzi’s heart is cunning like a fox,More lies and less truth,Didn’t say much about myself,He has found out He Lang’s bottom line,I learned that He Lang sneaked out while Master Yun Tianzi didn’t pay attention,I’m especially worried about being caught and punished by Master。
Lei Tianzi comforted:“Your master has only you as a disciple,Not to blame too much,Trust me,When you break into the stars,Tianzi Yun will only be happy for you,Won’t punish you。”
“really?That’s good。”He Lang breathed a sigh of relief,Obviously no longer looking around。
Emperor Lei didn’t know,After he said this,,In mid-air two hundred miles away,A thin-faced old man now(shēn)come out,Snorted in the direction of Lei Tianzi,Said to himself:“Lei Tianzi?You are so courageous,Dare to confuse the old man’s direct disciple,Don’t you have three heads?Let me see what you can do,Don’t let the old man down。”
Lei Tianzi, who is talking with He Lang, has no idea about the existence of the old man。