Tianshan faction sends guards nearby every day,Externally, it is a study to prevent people from disturbing Lei Tianzi,In fact, beware that the emperor Thunder gets the baby。

Qiao Huiru and others also saw Lei Tianzi several times in batches,Everyone is worried about his state,Fortunately Lei Tianzi just won’t leave,He is still conscious,Swallow bigudan from time to time,Take a Level 3 Xiaoyao Pill in one day,That’s the spiritual pill that supplements spiritual knowledge,Say a word or two to outsiders,Spent most of the time studying the altar。
Everyone thought there would be results within a few days,Later, I thought I could study it in a few months,after that,A year has passed,Everyone is becoming numb,Except for Lei Tianzi’s wife and loyal subordinates,Few people pay attention to Emperor Lei。
Unknowingly three years have passed,Even Xiao Lan, who has always been calm, becomes impatient,Say to Jiang Yuehan from time to time:“The boss said at the beginning,Three years have passed,Why didn’t he organize to leave?”
“You ask me who?”Jiang Yuehan threw away Xiaolan’s hand and said。
“You are the boss’s wife,He likes you the most。”
“But he was obsessed with that altar,Don’t like me anymore。”Jiang Yuehan said bitterly。
Xiaolan knew that she was a taboo,Said immediately:“Boss is doing something,Come to like you when he finishes。”
“Humph!”Jiang Yuehan is still not happy。
Xiaolan is 21 years old now,time flies,A girl grows up into a big girl,But Lei Tianzi is still in retreat,I don’t know that many changes have taken place outside the world,Even the boys and girls such as Zhi Wu at the beginning have become handsome young people,They have entered a solid foundation long ago。
Chapter Seventy Two Ancient Retreat
Three years later,Lei Tianzi rises up,Dusted corners,As if to wipe the dust of time,Until he walked out of the mountainside,The talents of Tianshan faction found out that Emperor Lei had gone out,So hurriedly hosted a banquet,In fact, he is holding Lei Tianzi from letting him go,Let’s quickly inform Gan Bai and Daoling, the most important figures of the Tianshan School。
Lei Tianzi is a guest,Leave as soon as you are not busy,Chant a poem while waiting:“After seven years of tempering out of Tianshan,Do not wait for the long sword。Meteor has its own way,September Yellow*Chrysanthemum pillow。”
The Tianshan disciple who accompanied Lei Tianzi winked,Seeing Lei Tianzi who left the customs for three years, his heart is excited,Said in a pinch:“Mr. Lei,Your poems are quite extraordinary,Why not leave a copy of the calligraphy?”
This disciple doesn’t know yet,It’s his inspiration,Leave a treasure for the Tianshan School。
Lei Tianzi took the pen, ink, paper and inkstone,Write your own improvisation poems on the spot,But no one can understand the meaning of this poem,Only Lei Tianzi knew,This poem is actually his experience of studying for three years,Writing poetry is equivalent to returning the favor to the Tianshan School,He doesn’t take advantage of others。
The dry white horse came back non-stop,Finally met before Lei Tianzi left,Lei Tianzi said to him:“That altar is a teleportation formation,Where can people be transported through it,I still can’t see,The specific data has changed due to age,Sure to leave this star field,Where is the destination,Really hard to say,And the teleportation array is damaged,Currently unavailable。”
Just this sentence,Left to dry white。