“Qianer Minger,Get off the uncle,Too rude。”Su Yu’s gentle voice came from behind。

The siblings don’t take Su Yu’s words seriously,Hanging on Yang Pingfan on a swing。
“It’s okay,Ok,A little tanned,Where are you going to play these days?”Yang Pingfan’s face is like spring breeze,Ha ha smiled。
Liu Qian said milky voice,“Let’s go to the prairie to see wild animals,Ride an elephant,I went to the aerial vehicle training center again。”
Liu Ming next to him answered:“We still wanted to practice on the aircraft,But mom just won’t give it,The simulator is not addictive,And don’t even ride ostriches for us,Mom is too strict。”
The sturdy words of younger sister and brother scared Yang Pingfan,Watching the two pouting,Yang Pingfan couldn’t help but slander:“Don’t you know your age?Dare to fly an aerial vehicle when you are less than three years old,Still want to ride an ostrich?”
Yang Pingfan saw Su Yu look helpless,There is a faint sadness between the eyebrows,Take the initiative to comfort her:“Don’t worry too much,Mr. Liu is fine,Watch his video,Lively。”
Su Yu nodded,“I know,He never does anything unprepared。correct,What are you going to do about that?”
Su Yu said that Idavia did not pursue the murderer,Yang Pingfan’s face sank,A bitter murderous aura slowly rises,“Compromise is a politician’s business,Forgiveness is God’s business,Send them to see God,It’s my business。”
Yang Pingfan Chi Guoguo’s declaration did not arouse any opposition from Su Yu,She nodded,Took out a small one from his pocketuDisc-shaped box,Hand it to Yang Pingfan,“I know he freezes your permissions,In Itavia,No moreXCompany support,Almost impossible,You might need this。”
Yang Pingfan took it,Su Yu took a deep look at Li Lan,Leaving with two dolls。
First354chapter Justice is always executed