Among the people,Eastern sisters belong to young people,Just over 800 years old,Xuanyuan Dandan is also a young man,Just over 400 years old,Even Yuan Li is not a young man。

Feng Xianliang’s sister from a monster clan is not too old,If the parents of the demon cultivator were children born before the true immortal,,Cultivation is very slow,Because these children are still the blood of monsters,The children born after reaching the realm of true immortality are actually considered humans,Because the child born is exactly the same as the human birth。
Feng Xianliang and Feng Xiankui are both aristocrats in the demons,Their parents are strong in the sanctuary,With sanctuary blood,He’s a sanctuary powerhouse who is less than 300 years old,It’s a pity that these two fairies have no children yet,If you have children,Should be cultivated to the realm of true immortals before the age of 300,If there is no shortage of resources,Will practice as fast as mother。
Zhai Jun is only more than six hundred years old,She was a mortal,But was changed by Lei Tianzi with a spirit pill,Then embark on the road of cultivation,Since then,With the help of various adventures and enough money,I haven’t stopped to advance,Finally surpassed Lei Tianzi,Become a powerful king,Leading a thousand immortal cultivators in the sanctuary,Going to any place in the world of cultivating immortals is enough to sweep all major forces。
Talking room,They walked out of the teleportation formation in the free city of Qinghe Continent。
A man and a woman greeted them,Xuanyuan Dandan enthusiastically took the female fairy’s hand to introduce Lei Tianzi:“My Xianggong Lei Emperor,This is Qinghe Miaomiao,Is my best friend。”
Tianzi Lei found that the Qinghe family was different from the Dongfang family,At least no one hates them,Even Qinghe Miaomiao heard Xuanyuan Dandan’s introduction,Still doesn’t change color,Can’t help but nod secretly:“Qinghe Family,Sure enough, a person who doesn’t have much ambition,And where the tolerance is high。”
The reason why Lei Tianzi gave such an evaluation,It’s all because of the man who greeted them,His name is Qinghe Yihuai,Is the leader of the Qinghe family,Apparently he cares about Xuanyuan Dandan,In etiquette,Greeting Lei Tianzi for only two seconds,Greetings to Zhai Jun and others for three seconds。
Even if it’s only a second,Lei Tianzi is still so sensitive that there is a problem,Whisper to Xuanyuan Dandan:“This Qinghe once pursued you?”
“No,Just have some good feelings。”Xuanyuan Dan denied it,Look at Lei Tianzi with an expression of disbelief,Then said helplessly:“If not for you,I am Qinghe’s bride。”
“Such a close relationship?”Lei Tianzi was taken aback,Said:“He won’t be obsessed with you?”
“Who knows?”Xuanyuan Dandan sighed deeply。
“Kill him then。”Lei Tianzi kills。
Xuanyuan Dan nodded silently,Seeing Xuanyuan Dandan doesn’t seem to care about Qinghe too much,Lei Tianzi said immediately:“forget it,He didn’t do anything to hurt us,Forgive and forgive,Where does the green hills and green water not meet?”
Xuanyuan Dandan still nodded,Don’t care about Qinghe’s life and death。
Only then did Emperor Lei let off Qinghe and a horse,Otherwise,He must have a way to make Qinghe not survive today。
Relatively speaking,Lei Tianzi still has a good impression of Qinghe Miaomiao,The female fairy of the Qinghe family is neither humble nor overbearing in her attitude,Always appear polite,Not as obvious as Qinghe Yihuai,One second of disrespect is enough for Lei Tianzi to teleport tens of thousands of miles,Cultivators are very sensitive to these details。
Walking in the streets of Zizaicheng,Lei Tianzi can obviously feel the different feelings caused by too many young people,The first one is that people with gray hair are obviously missing,Can’t see any of them,I asked Xuanyuan Dandan to find out,Those cultivators who were too old were killed。
original,Although there is no war in Qinghe Continent,But don’t forbid duels,After the news that the youth exchange meeting started,Many young and advanced people came to the city one after another,These people continue to challenge immortal cultivators in the same realm,Most of those who are still in front of people have no status or status,Died at the hands of the younger generation in a duel。
also,There are a lot of young immortals walking in pairs on the street,Some men and women cuddled on the street,In Yuan Li’s words,Seeing too much dog food from others,Tired of eating,Guilty of nausea。