Chapter Seventeen Tao Palace opens

“Do you know the answer in my heart?”Old Tao raised his head,Those black and white eyes are full of complexity,He wants to listen,He doesn’t want to listen。
“I do not know。”Yan Ruyu shook his head。
“Do not,you know,just,You didn’t say it。”The old way stood up。
“Correct,I know,but,I can’t tell,because,Once i say it,You got the confirmation,Your obsession is gone。”Yan Ruyu nodded。
“Why do you think,You just have to say the answer,I will get the confirmation,I will believe your answer,You don’t need to go and see for yourself?”The old way continues to ask。
“because,I have your will in me,Your will before death has all been transferred to me,I saw,You saw it!what I said,Just what you said,If I say the answer now,You will believe,Your obsession will dissipate!”Yan Ruyu affirmed。
“Don’t you want my obsession to go away?”
“Don’t want!”
“because,I want you to take another look,Daozong’s past glory!”Yan Ruyu looked at the old way seriously。
“Past glory……Past glory……”The old way did not ask,He just walked slowly to the flowing stream beside。
He reached out,Fiddle with the water gently in the creek,He came to the Qi Duo Lotus Terrace again,Reach out,Gently stroking those lotus stands,Like touching an old friend。
The old way of doing it all,Across the creek,Came to the huge bluestone gate,He looked at the huge bluestone gate in front of him,Reach out,Gently touched every trace on the bluestone door。
“I don’t know your name yet?”Old way。