First409chapter Little Red Riding Hood, please drink
Yang Pingfan and Li Lan were surprised,But Su Yu didn’t say,It’s hard for the two to ask them what the conflict is between them。
Li Lan continues the topic just now,“But the bastard named Zi Xuan,Looks like it has some background,Dare to stab in the experimental elementary school,Kidnap people directly in broad daylight,Let the siblings go to school there,I’m afraid there will be trouble next。”
Su Yu sneered,“What is the origin of the experimental elementary school,My identity is still a bit convincing,Tomorrow I will ask the education department to transfer him。”
Too many elements,It seems that being an ordinary person is just a cover,Dr. Su is great。
Yang Pingfan heard something in Su Yu’s words,Tentatively asked,“Dr. Su,Between you and Liu Yuan,What’s going on here?”
“Nothing,There is a conflict of ideas with the child’s father,Don’t mention it,Eat vegetables,This Cantonese cuisine is famous。”
Su Yu refused to elaborate,Yang Pingfan and his wife are not asking too much,During the dinner, Su Yu asked about the purpose of the two returning to Suzaku,Yang Pingfan said roughly,Su Yu pondered,“If you need anything,Just tell me,I will help if I can。”
Yang Pingfan nodded,No more。
After separating from Yang Pingfan and Li Lan,Zuo Ci went around the local area first,Log in to the local life website,Spent money to rent a secluded basement,Bought a device,Then I changed my image by using magic。
In modern society,Zuo Ci has understood the aesthetic standards of modern people,At present, his fashion style is a standard small meat that integrates the image of a group of Internet celebrities.,Simply put,Red lips and white teeth,Male and female,Full of neutral colors,Exudes feminine beauty。
With this appearance,Plus the height of more than two meters,Zuo Ci easily mixed into a nightclub,Watching the dance floorDJThe men and women who are crazy about the railing,Zuo Ci ordered a glassmojito,Sip slowly,Waiting for the bait。
But not long,His eye-catching image attracted many men and women who came up to strike up a conversation,The last genetically modified person with a height of 2 meters was favored by Zuo Ci,Drive away other hitters,He wears a little red riding hood,Manly,Reshape people’s body shape to let other competitors retreat,A glass of champagne in his hand,Very dazzling。
Zuo Ci glanced at it,“Drinking champagne at the bar,Good taste。”
Little Red Riding Hood could not hear the irony in Zuo Ci’s words,Triumphant,“Champagne,It is a cold wine region in northern Gaul,It’s the name of a class of sparkling wine,But not all sparkling wine is called champagne,According to local law,Only sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region can be called Champagne。”
“Oh?Do you know how champagne is made?”