There is no shortage of female fairies who can sing and dance,Even Lei Tianzi and Qian Qianqin have an amazing song and dance from time to time,The fairy space gradually returned to normal,Everyone was attracted by the entertainment program,No more guessing,Blind fear is scarier than plague,Can cause the entire team to collapse。

As the saying goes,The fear of the unknown is the most terrifying,Even if there are ghosts in this world, it’s not scary,The ghosts in my heart are harmful。
Lei Wan and others did not develop new vaccines and treatments until three years later.,The pressure on them in the past three years has been tremendous,Even what is molecular structure has to be learned from scratch,Still follow the drug process invented by Long Ji et al.,I found a new treatment,Then after more than two years of clinical trials,The medicine is improved before it is used for popularization。
Lei Tianzi has been waiting for the drug research process,When Lei Wan announced that the drug treatment worked well,Only when Lei Tianzi ordered some sergeants to attack,Look around for the immortal cultivators who died from the plague,These people have treasures,It’s a pity to die and take it away,They sanitized the body and then became mortified,Ready to ship back to the second world in the future,After all, these people are all immortal cultivators who came from the second world to defend the human race,The hero of the human race。
Encountered a strong foreigner,Lei Tianzi also tried to refine,It was found that the Hongmeng Shenlu was not contaminated,Then rest assured,Order all resources to be collected on a large scale,They were going to come to fight,But it became an army of corpses,Lei Tianzi ordered:“In addition to Hongmeng Shenlu,Whoever gets the spoils belongs to the individual,In the future, you can exchange trophies for the great dew。”
In other words,All the Hongmeng Shenlu obtained from the outer space belongs to Lei Tianzi,If those sergeants need to use the dew,Can be exchanged,The price is 30% lower than the outside market price,This is the welfare of all sergeants。
The reason for this is that Emperor Lei paid a very high price,Without him,Whether these people can escape the pollution of the plague is still unknown,Anyway, this plague is pretty serious,They basically never saw a living creature,Even the cultivators in the fairy space of these people are dead。
Some of the immortal cultivators at Jiansu Gate also accompanied the group,Lei Tianzi treats these people equally,Mainly to downplay the influence of Team Lei and Team Sky,Don’t let the immortal cultivator at Jiansu Gate go back and say that Lei Tianzi’s small group is a small organization,Dig the corner of Jiansu Gate,Just give them enough benefits,No one will be troublesome。
that’s it,They have been moving forward like a net within a range of more than 3 billion kilometers,The search range is about 20 billion kilometers,The corpses in this space have been found and killed,The corpse of an outland powerhouse is refined,Lei Tianzi also occasionally goes out for a circle,He found that the loot was rich,The immortal cultivators who died here are generally wealthy,Think carefully and you will know,Here has always been a battlefield for fighting,Don’t know how many people died,Living immortals bring rich treasures and money,The dead cultivator left everything behind,Accumulate,I don’t want to become rich in resources。
Eight years passed quickly,Tianzi Lei is going back,He is satisfied,The treasures obtained over the years are more abundant than any war,Although some of the medications used for treatment,But can be reproduced,After the production program is fixed, it can be done by robots and paper puppets.,The sergeants need to do more important things。
at this time,The sergeant in charge of the observation spotted a star field in the distance。
Through observation,This star field is very vast,The environment is similar to other star fields。
After seven months,They finally found a green planet,There are no cultivators on it anymore,There are no creatures,Found through careful search,Everyone here is dead,Those who die first are buried,Those who died later didn’t even have a place to be buried。
Lei Tianzi ordered not to dig tombs for training resources,As long as it is a resource that can be found outside,Who finds who owns,Mobilize everyone to bury the body,And tell everyone:“The rotting body is best burned,Carrion carries very infectious germs,Do a good job of disinfection,Record in detail what you did here in life。”
Although the corpse belonged to the human race and the strong,Still not sure which race it belongs to,until one day,The sergeant found a jade slip with written records,Lei Tianzi opened it and took a look,There are texts he doesn’t recognize,Immediately determine:“This is the living space of the strong in Outland,We need to be careful,Pay special attention to whether there are secret places in the cultivation spells of the strong outsiders。”