Before leaving,Long Ji borrowed a lot of money from the family,The old dragon king heard that his daughter is studying the fertility project,take seriously,Generously handed a third of the family’s storage materials to Long Ji to take away,later,This incident was discovered by other core members of the family,Questioned the old dragon king,Suspect that the old dragon king faked his public for private benefit,Gave Long Ji the money,Triggered a war crisis。

This is the later story,Slowly narrate along the passage of time。
After Long Ji’s crowds are increasing,,Just built a city in Dongtianfudi,Named Golden Dragon City,On the surface, it’s where Long Ji lives,It’s actually the experimental base she built for the Golden Dragon family,Long Ji has been studying biological cell engineering in this base。
Lei Tianzi regards the ice and snow as the front line of the future against the demon domain,Left four-fifths of the people in Kowloon City,And from the double-elephant star field with the most forces and the origin star field, five billion troops were allocated to lurking in Kowloon City.,These people belong to Lei Haotian temporarily,If there is a war,Lei Haotian’s qualifications are too low,It must be replaced by another commander who can command large corps operations.,Such as Xu Na。
Arranged all this,Tianzi Lei can leave without worry,The new star castle sailing in the starry sky,Can receive messages from the farthest Salthelm star domain,As long as Lei Tianzi’s command is in danger,They can support anytime and anywhere by traveling through space。
Embark on a starry journey home,Lei Tianzi said to Dong Chan’er with emotion:“It was only the two of us together,Now you look,Drag the family,Tens of billions of people,Sometimes I think about it,Feel incredible。”
“Humph,You are so embarrassed to say,Too many wives,More sons and daughters,I need more rations,You need a sergeant to protect your wives and children,Thus,The logistics has also become huge,You are too greedy。”Dong Chan’er is very dissatisfied with Lei Tianzi“Man”thought of。
Lei Tianzi knew in his heart,It’s not just Dong Chan’er who can’t understand,Other wives can’t understand,Too many women,It becomes more wolves and less meat,Wife is wolf,He is the piece of meat,Everyone can’t eat enough。
Until now,Diabolo Xueer and Xiao Xiao have not yet cultivated to the realm of true immortals,no kids,Plus Pan Xiaoxiao has confiscated the house,It’s still a little trouble that makes Lei Tianzi’s heart sweet。
Pan Xiaoxiao still doesn’t want to return to his hometown,Willing to wander with them,Except for being a little depressed,You can meet some weird things in a few years,Open their eyes。
Suddenly one day,Sergeant’s Report in charge of the lookout:“Lord Thor King,We found a team,Less than one hundred observed,But these people suddenly disappeared,There must be weird。”
After Lei Tianzi saw the image of the sun and the moon,Said:“Isn’t this a grave robber group?”
“What is the Tomb Raider?”Pang Duoer who was with him asked curiously。
Lei Tianzi condenses the images in the sun and moon images using spells,So that everyone in the house can see,He pointed to a flag with three skulls and said:“This is the family emblem of the Tomb Raiders,The so-called grave robbers are a group of wandering immortals,They have no home,No fixed site,Always wandering in the stars,Live wherever you go,Sometimes it will stop and live for thousands of years,But they never stop wandering thoughts,Sooner or later, I will leave my temporary residence,The training resource they rely on is not business or robbery,Not to engage in development,But to dig the tomb,As long as there is a tomb group,80% have large-scale tombs。”
“Shall we go take a look?”Pang Duoer feels a little tired,She rarely does bad things,Digging people’s ancestral graves seems unethical。
Lei Tianzi analyzes:“According to a scene observed by the sergeants,Tomb Raiders must have entered a certain space,Let’s go check it out first!”
“I don’t want to go to the grave with you。”Pang Duoer protested。
Diabolo Xueer said leisurely:“You crawled out of Mo Yingmeng’s grave。”