According to this news,Lei Tianzi found Liu Tang and said:“Wife,The seven-dimensional space that you researched out should be one level higher than the Shona space.?”

“That is natural,General virtual space is only five-dimensional space,Not only small size,And there is no time and memory space,Seven-dimensional space book(shēn)There will be incredible natural growth(xìng),Older,The more powerful the seven-dimensional space。”
“We are refining a batch of 7-dimensional space, I don’t know if we can sell it,if that’s the case,It is also a boon for the Guotong Star Region,We can also exchange training resources。”
“Refining is not difficult,More than 10,000 people on my side know how to refine the skills of seven-dimensional space。”Liu Tang agreed,Exchange skills for wealth,She is profitable,Then the people who came out to contact and the people who provided the materials,Tripartite profit sharing,Lei Tianzi provided the materials,The team that came out to contact is usually Thunder Team。
Hehe, who is more eloquent, guides the gods, crosses the void,Found a business,Hehe took out a seven-dimensional bracelet and experimented,Sure enough, this seven-dimensional space is very powerful,Can hold as many materials as five starships at once,Even amethyst hollow copper can be loaded in,And take up not too much space。
Merchant rejoice,They are well aware that this kind of seven-dimensional instruments has immeasurable development prospects,Immediately signed an agreement with Hehe,The two parties finalized the details from the price and the way of the transaction。
Hehe represents the intention of Lei Tianzi,There is an upper and lower limit on the price,As long as it does not exceed this data, it becomes,A good job will naturally satisfy Lei Tianzi,If you don’t do it well, it will leave a bad impression on the leader,Next time there is such a thing, another person will do it。
Seven-dimensional space appeared in the Guotong star field for the first time,It belongs to the tall magic weapon,Refining materials are not noble,Lei Tianzi, they used technology for materials,Buy whatever is good,Most of them are hard currencies such as spiritual herbs and fairy crystals,The specialty amethyst empty copper has also been exchanged a lot,As many as an asteroid,The price of amethyst empty copper is relatively low here,Transported to other star regions is a treasure that is hard to find。
Just when Lei Tianzi was busy grabbing a lot of wealth in the Guotong Star Region,Lei Gu and Qi Zhen left a letter,They said they wanted to go out alone(dàng)Rivers and lakes,In fact, after Qi Zhen failed duel,I can’t hang on my face anymore,Finally got off(shēn)Opportunity,Naturally want to leave the army。
Lei Gu, who is fourteen years old, was impatient to follow the path of life his parents arranged for him,This was the plan when he provoked Qi Zhen to fight Shi Nanwei,You don’t need Master Qi Zhen to do more persuasion work,Already willing in my heart。
Two people hit it off,Slipped away quietly。
Emperor Lei didn’t send anyone to look for it,Lei Gu is different from Raikage,Man needs to break(dàng)Jianghu experience enriches life,Female fairies are still relatively weak,High risk factor。
Bashan, mother, was furious,I sent my own person to look for it for a long time but I didn’t find it,Helpless but sad。
Lei Gu and Qi Zhen are both masters,After crossing the void, I came to a place called Chuanmai Planet,They fell quietly from the sky,The most numerous mountains and rivers on this planet,Most of the mountains are steep(tǐng)pull,Deep valley,Human and Monster Race,Each has its own power,Mining is the main resource,From Amethyst Empty Copper to Xianjing Mine。
The master and apprentice came to a mine,Secretly observed for a few days and found that this is a fairy crystal mine。