Qiyuanwan works better than Xianxiadan。

Got this news,Tianzi Lei knew that he had finally found the right place,Xianyuan Planet really has fast-upgrading resources。
But it’s not easy for him to get the prayer pills,First of all, each prayer pill is numbered,Is a tribute needed by senior leaders。
For example, the town of Citizen,Population of 100,000,One year’s production of low-quality prayer pills3Billion,Middle Grade Prayer Pills3million,There are more gold-level cities every year3Thousands of top grade prayer pills。
These prayer pills are all turned over to the top management。
Only the more produced prayer pills can be distributed to the market,And the prayer pill has a number on it,If someone is caught hiding the prayer pill,,Then be punished,The charge is“Smuggling prayer pills”,The highest punishment is a capital crime。
Lei Tianzi wants to buy prayer pills without a number,Need to pay a higher price,For example, the value of a low-grade prayer pill is one thousand crystals,You have to take out two thousand fairy crystals for exchange,This price difference makes the sales of praying pills very popular,A huge price difference means a huge profit margin。
The social system of the entire Xianyuan planet revolves around the prayer pill.,Those high-level spirit pills、God pill、The elixir has been occupied by the prayer pills。
At the bottom of society,The vast majority of immortal cultivators spend their cultivation time on producing prayer pills,Produce more prayer pills to obtain resources,That is the way of working,Use overtime to earn more money。
Thus,Everyone is busy,Faster social rhythm,No one to talk nonsense,For example, loitering and robbery rarely happen,Everyone is busy producing prayer pills。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty One The princess is sick
It’s very simple for Lei Tianzi to get a wish,Any store will provide the original version of prayer exercises for free,Want to survive on Xianyuan planet,You have to get in touch with the official,No official support,Nothing can be done。
Because of this structure of social relations, Lei Tianzi’s acquisition of prayer pills,Tianzi Lei wants Gan Qian to get an official,Selected according to the system of Xianyuan Planet,It’s not a problem for Qian Qian to be a high-ranking official of the fairy king who manages a thousand cities,Then there is a chance to get more prayer pills,Exchange simply with the fairy crystal,It’s not only difficult to get a high-level prayer pill,Easy to track down,Once the official confirmation of the smuggling of Kiwan pills,It must be the ending of everyone shouting。