“Ok?”Yan Ruyu subconsciously stretched out his hand,I found that the hands were not tears,But blood,He actually shed two lines of blood and tears?!

How is this going?
Yan Ruyu hasn’t had time to think about it,The world in front of me began to blur,and,Keep getting black,Darken……
“what?Look at Master Yan crying!”
“He actually left two lines of blood and tears,Why does he cry?”
“Is it,Because he killed Huang Yuanyuan with a single sword?”
“Beheaded a monster,Master Yan actually shed tears about it,and,Also left a line of blood and tears……This……How kind is this!!!”
“Yes,Master Yan’s heart is too kind,He has great love!!!”
After the foxes saw Yan Ruyu beheading Huang Yuanyuan,Actually crying in the rain,Shed two lines of blood and tears,I understood in an instant,So there really are such kind and loving people in the world。
“……”Yan Ruyu。
Big Love?
I said I might become a cataract like Wei Yu,Believe it or not?!wrong,Wei Yu is reincarnating,Her cataract is only temporary。
But i’m different,I am a real cataract,and,May also become blind!!!
(Plug-in will only be absent,But never be late,What will Yan Ruyu’s eyes look like??Stay tuned!Ask for a recommendation ticket!)
Chapter Forty One White Fox Awakens:《Heart Seal》
and so,outside‘fortune teller’All blind?
Yan Ruyu felt the crisis。
Right now he‘Taoist heirs’’S identity has been exposed,If suddenly my eyes are blind,Who can be sure,People like Wei Yu and Mr. Da‘The Secret of Dao Gong’And stabbed him suddenly?