Although the Wingless Owl showed contempt for the weapon of Picking Galaxy,But the greed in his eyes*I can’t hide it anymore,Lei Tianzi is sure,Wingless Owl can’t afford to pick Galaxy。

Even if Lei Tianzi’s attack is sharp,Can’t bridge the gap in cultivation level,Wingless Owl looks at Liu Xiaona who is watching the battle from the corner of his eyes while fighting,Still at ease,Smiled unpleasantly:“The female fairy is also considered the best in the world of cultivating immortals,Not only beautiful,Still the best bed*Companion,After going back,Treat me well,Mine all your charms。”
Foul language in your ears,Liu Xiaona couldn’t help but her eyebrows were upset,Said to Lei Tianzi:“You let go,I will fight him。”
“Don’t need your intervention,You attack his sea of consciousness with the sword。”Tianzi Lei knew he was not Wuyi’s opponent,Instruct Liu Xiaona to join the battle,Dual war old monster。
Liu Xiaona used to behead the immortal cultivator of the solid foundation stage with the small sword of the gods when she was in the blue light domain,Facing an infantile master, I’m still a little timid,It’s just a tentative attack on God’s consciousness。
Wingless Owl is not all playing thunder emperor,Rather, I want to see how destructive Xinghe can play in the hands of a solid foundation cultivator,Never used high-level power to suppress,He feels that Tiao Xinghe has great potential to dig,In the hands of Lei Tianzi, it can only exert one thousandth of its power,It’s really a secret cast。
Wingless Owl:“I don’t know which family this man and woman come from,So rich,Shot is a middle-grade artifact,I worked hard for half my life,Not a low-level artifact,God is not fair,Fortunately, my eyes are not blind,Bring me home,Zhongpin artifacts and peerless you*Everything in the bag。”
Just when Wuyi Owl was dreaming,Suddenly felt a sharp sting from the sea of knowledge,He realized that he had been conspired,Sweeping her eyes, she found that Liu Xiaona was not far away.,Wingless Owl no longer has the heart to play,Groan:“Xiao Nizi……”
Tianzi Lei saw the anger shown by Wuyi Xiao,Foreboding that the situation is not good,Call out Ji Rao in a hurry,Shouted:“kill him。”
Just woken up from sleep,Ji Rao is full of unhappy,I just saw the figure of Wuyi Xiaona attacking Liu Xiaona very quickly,Zhirao was furious,Release all the anger from Lei Tianzi,Hold the Wingless Owl in your hand as soon as you reach out,Then pat,A generation of strong, Wingless Owl suddenly fell。
Lei Tianzi fought hard for a stick of incense,The power output of the whole body is nine out of ten,Has reached the brink of collapse,Do your best to clean up the battlefield,Then transfer to Lixiao Night City thousands of miles away。
Although finally defeated the Wingless Owl,But Lei Tianzi is very dissatisfied,Severely criticized Liu Xiaona:“Teach you how many times,You must go all out to deal with the enemy,If it wasn’t for Ji Rao’s rescue in time today,,You are dead,Always remember,Even if you are facing a rabbit,I have to do my best to kill,No room left。”
At the end,Tianzi Lei is already screaming,Chopped her hand and grabbed Liu Xiaona’s ear to warn loudly,It’s really dangerous today,Fortunately, Emperor Lei has rich experience in fighting against people,After discovering something wrong,Immediately use the thunderbolt method,Kill the Wingless Owl on the spot,Just a little bit slower,Liu Xiaona must be killed。