Finished a cup of soaked leaves,Lei Tianzi quickly cooks the leaves with both hands,Speak:“Fairy Jiao Lutu must be thinking of returning to the ghost gate as soon as possible?”

“It’s not in a hurry to return to the teacher,The key is,The juniors who came out with me are dead,It’s hard to explain to Master when I go back,Better to wander outside,On the contrary。”Jiao Lutu said quietly,I don’t know if it is true or false。
Sighed,Lei Tianzi said regretfully:“Neither of us want something like that to happen,But the misunderstanding has been caused,Have to face it bravely,Escape won’t solve the problem。”
“Mr. Lei’s words make sense,Then please give me a good idea!”
Pondered,Lei Tianzi said:“I found a monument,Is also a relic of an ancient battlefield,There must be treasures left by the predecessors,You go back with such news,Will your master be angry??”
“It depends on whether you completely transfer the news to me,and also,What is the potential of the ruins,As long as the value gained is higher than the value lost,I think,Master Lian Haoguang is not an unreasonable person。”
“Of course I want to turn fighting into jade,Won’t deceive fairy with this kind of news,Make hatred deeper and deeper,In the end cannot be resolved。”Lei Tianzi looked at Jiao Lutu with piercing eyes,Did not avoid the other side’s scrutiny。
Jiao Lutu immediately believed Lei Tianzi’s words,Because his cultivation level is too low,Not threatening at all,Good reason,Reasonable,Meet the needs of both Jiao Lutu and Lei Tianzi。
Then there is only one question left:Are the remains of that ancient battlefield very valuable?。
This problem is not proved by words,The two people went on to talk about their experience in cultivation,Lei Tianzi knows well,Talked a lot about Jiao Lutu’s unheard experience,Various magical spells in the immortal world。
Unconsciously,In exchange,Jiao Lutu, who has benefited a lot, taught Lei Tianzi a kind“Corpse control”,This is the spell,Allows the ghost corpse gate to control so many corpse puppets as an arm in battle,No corpse puppet,The combat effectiveness of the ghost gate will drop several levels。
Lei Tianzi also learned from Jiao Lutu’s mouth,The three powers of the miserable star each have their own secret skills,Because the cultivation method is different,The sequelae are also different,The disciple of the ghost gate turned blue,The doorman of Heishiling has black skin,The skin of the cultivator in White Magic Valley is white。
The three powers belonging to the Baimei Valley have better methods,Male cultivators don’t care about their appearance,The female fairy is eager for the techniques of Baimei Valley,As long as there is a chance,Definitely join the White Magic Valley first,Won’t choose the other two schools,This makes the number of female fairies in White Magic Valley extremely large,Form the unique advantage of Baimei Valley,After all, female fairies are also advanced resources,It can also be used to threaten opponents at critical moments。
Lei Tianzi, who is proficient in herbal pathology, thought for a while and said:“I didn’t know that your practice still affected the skin’s appearance.,I am an alchemist,Let’s take a look at what kind of secret technique is。”
He concentrated on researching corpse control,Sat by the river for three days,Jiao Lutu is not too anxious,Always sit with him,In your free time, look at the water under your feet and the clouds rising and falling in the sky,Jialutu is bored with the sun,Living in the dim, bleak star for too long,Adapted to the less bright light,Don’t like the existence of the sun,Simply sacrifice the magic weapon armor,Cover the body and block the sun。
Wake up from hard thinking,Lei Tianzi said to himself:“About the sequelae of changing the skin of autopsy,I think,Has been able to refine targeted spirit pills,You can change the color of your skin after eating it,Make the cultivator beautiful。”
“really?Great。”Jiao Lutu’s thoughts are like electricity,Already calculated in my heart,How many resources would you earn if you refined such a pill,What kind of price is more appropriate。
What Lei Tianzi considers,How much benefit can be gained from such a panacea,His vision is not limited to money,But to stand on the miserable star,Then they cannibalize the three major forces one by one。
Both are thinking about gains and losses in their hearts,Jiao Lutu is somewhat wishful thinking,No matter how good the pill is, it’s not hers,Danfang and creativity belong to the emperor Lei,I don’t know if they are willing to share a piece of the pie。