Xu Wen smiled and ran over,“mom,You agreed?”

Wang Lan said:“Thank you brother,You can only go if he speaks for you。”
“Thank you brother,Brother you are the best!”Xu Wen is very happy。
See daughter happy,Wang Lan is also happy。How can she not understand the principle of combining work and rest,Although tense in high school,Can’t completely let go of exercise。Other parents let their children participate in sports like this,Of course she also hopes that her own children are the same as others,But family income is limited,Supplying children to cram school is already saving money and saving,Other aspects can be saved。
Not rich after all,And save money to prepare for college,Where is there any money left for children to use for fitness?。
“Your brother goes to the gym to work out,Tomorrow wednesday,You have no tuition,After school just go to the gym with your brother to swim。but,Mom’s ugly talk is ahead,If your final exam results drop,Stay at home honestly from now on,Not allowed to go anywhere,Did you hear?”
“Ensure that academic performance only advances without retreat!”Xu Wen happily ran back to the room to get her phone,Giggled and ran out,Ran back in a blink of an eye,“brother,You don’t go for a walk?”
“Brother go too,Auntie’s food is delicious today,Bro,Take a walk and digest。”
Walk along the lake with Xu Wen,Listening to her chatting on the phone with classmates,Gan Yifan is also happy。I wanted to ask Lu Yuyan if she embarrassed her,But don’t ask if she looks happy。
Back from a walk,Wu Changan’s car stopped in front of his house,Gan Yifan sighed,Let Xu Wen go back first,He got in Wu Changan’s car。
“I called you a few times and didn’t answer。”
“I didn’t bring my phone,Uncle Wu has something?”
Wu Changan is also sighing in his heart,Tong Xu’s matter has not been resolved yet,Gan Yifan beat Ning Xichen’s brother again。