Emperor Lei asked Hongna’s subordinates to take action,Use the standard shuttle to cross to the vicinity of Qiuhai City。

Take a look from Li Wu Space,Biao Shuo landed in a rice field,Rice has been harvested,A mess in the field,Lei Tianzi hurriedly walked along the ridge to the ground,Just catching up with two peasant women carrying shovels coming over,It is already winter in the north,No one goes to the rice fields,One of the peasant women shouted:“Catch fugitive。”
“Aunt,I am not a fugitive,That one……Is for someone,You have a girl here,very beautiful,University,Is the girl named Wang Ping??”Lei Tianzi,Gestures said,Talk while walking,While the peasant woman is thinking about whose female student is Wang Ping,Lei Tianzi took the opportunity to run away from the country road,Seeing no one is around to call Liu Tang out,Take out a car,Leave here in a hurry。
Biaoshuo is not good at this point,After modifying the coordinates,I don’t know where I will cross,Sometimes it’s really embarrassing。
Liu Tang, who was driving, heard the story told by Emperor Lei,I almost couldn’t hold the steering wheel with a smile,The car on the road is like twisting Yangko,Said:“in fact,You just use the big gourd to fly,Why use standard shuttle?I have to invite others to control。”
“It’s safer to fly with a big gourd in the future。”Lei Tianzi looked embarrassed,Being chased in front of mortals for the first time。
Call Su Ting Win,He said he was abroad,Sent a younger brother to welcome,The two sides have agreed on a meeting place。
The gate of Penglai Gate opened to the outside world is a Taoist temple,The disciples of the sect all work in the leisure villa near the Taoist temple,This leisure villa is one of Penglaimen’s industries,From outside,Still a Taoist temple without a statue,Pavilions,Cornice angle,magnificent。
Su Tingwen’s younger brother is only in his thirties,A few years older than the emperor Lei and Liu Tang,Introduced to Lei Tianzi:“This one is the elder Su Qingmu,This one is the elder Zhang Order,The head has ordered,We must receive guests,Usually the elders are not responsible for receiving guests。”
Su Qingmu is the father of Su Tingwen,At least 70 years old,Ruddy complexion,Looks like he’s in his fifties,Healthy walking,Speak loudly。
The first floor of the leisure villa is very luxuriously decorated,There is a rockery about four meters high in a pool of gurgling water,A bronze golden toad the size of a car heads towards the gate,Ground light can illuminate people。
Su Qingmu’s office is on the top floor,The chairman’s sign is hung outside,The house is arranged like the boss who runs the company,There are large tables and chairs,And computer phone,But didn’t put any files,It is estimated that this elder does not usually work。
After entering,Emperor Lei called Qiao Huiru and Xiaolan out,Su Qingmu and Zhang Shuli saw people coming out of the artifact with their own eyes,Surprised for a moment,Attitude suddenly became enthusiastic,Greet guests to sit down。
A cup of hot tea goes down soon,Su Qingmu and a few people chatted for a while and got into the topic after the weather changed.,To Lei Tianzi:“Mr. Lei,We need some artifacts,Can you sell it to us cheaper?”
“Cheap?Tell me how cheap it can be?”Tianzi Lei disapproves,Say poor,Everyone is poor,No one who is a cultivator is rich,But how much resources are occupied,It was obtained by skill,There is no such thing as a pie drop under the sun。
Su Qingmu is a little embarrassed,Talk to Zhang Xiu in a low voice,They don’t even use sound transmission spells,Actually they are compared with mortals,It’s a martial arts master,Not a real immortal cultivator。
A cultivator who is taught by the Eight Classics of Zhenger,Will identify magical instruments,Secondly, know some basic spells,Offensive and defensive,You still have to understand the knowledge of alchemy,At least I saw precious materials to collect,I can’t encounter rare materials and thought it was Chinese cabbage on the roadside,At last,Need to know some formations and restrictions,During the expedition, you will encounter powerful formations,Even if it can’t be cracked,Also have to know,Don’t get caught。
Understand those skills,Is it equivalent to a primary school student?,Xiuxian, this university is too esoteric。
Su Qingmu discussed it for a while,I was embarrassed:“Mr. Lei,We need ten virtual spaces and three artifacts,Only ten thousand crystals。”