Lei Tianzi observed it secretly,Found that the realm of cultivators here is generally not high,Are in the condensation period,Occasionally see a arrogant practitioner passing by,It’s just the spiritual acceptance period。

Lei Tianzi is very low-key,He is well aware of the dangers in the world of immortality,The people here are killing people,Grab resources,Lawless,Have a completely different social outlook from the mortal world over there,No one here tells you the law,Just talk about the strength,Is it extraordinary?。
Walk into a shop selling herbs,Lei Tianzi observes the species of spirit grass one by one,I found that there are very few spirit grasses here,So asked:“Shopkeeper,The spirit grass here is not enough to make high-level spirit pills,After collecting the spirit grass,Can it be sold?”
original,Spirit grass is the raw material for refining spiritual pills,If it is not enough to support the refined spirit pill,No one bought the spirit grass。
The shopkeeper is a middle-aged man,Take a glance at Lei Tianzi,I found it was a cultivator in the spiritual acceptance period,Say respectfully immediately:“Fellow,Our Sanqi Border Town is just a small place,Belong to the horns,Five hundred miles away, the Great City of Jiuyi still has a lot of spirit grass.,There are all kinds of spirit grasses over there,The price must be more expensive。”
“Oh I see。”Lei Tianzi nodded slightly,One sentence,He has a lot of information,At least know that this secret realm is huge,The level of cultivation is average,Most people are weak。
Take out a piece of Lingjing and rent a horse,Hurry up,I arrived at Jiuyi Town on the same day。
Lei Tianzi found a guest store to store the horse。
Then shuttled around the city,Walked to a stall,He bent down and reached out to pick up a plate with splattered stars,Stare intently,Did not speak for a long time,The stall owner can’t help it,Said:“Guest officer,This is an artifact,Defensive,Belonging to the treasures of heaven and earth,A million ling crystals。”
“This is an artifact?”As if shocked,Lei Tianzi opened his mouth,Did not close for a long time。
He really hasn’t seen the artifact look like this,I didn’t expect to see it here。
The main face of the stall does not change the color,Vowed to say:“legend,This is the body artifact that Immortal Emperor Gufan relied on to become famous。”
Lei Tianzi has never heard of the name Immortal Emperor Gufan,He guessed that there should be no contact with the outside world for a long time,Thought for a while and said:“A million Lingjing is not expensive,But you urge this artifact,I suspect this artifact has flaws,Can’t use at all。”
The stall owner is a bit embarrassed,He looked at Lei Tianzi viciously,Gritted his teeth:“Are you here to make trouble?Buy it,Get away if you don’t buy。”