“Click!Grandpa Mountain God is here,Run acridine!!!”

“Lord i am,You run first……”
The little monsters immediately scatter,after all,Life is precious,Love is more expensive,They are just little monsters who live and beg for food on Huangpi Ling,No need to work hard here。
And the mountain god stone statue didn’t pay attention to these little monsters running away.。
His black and white eyes are staring at Huang Yuanyuan’s body,There was a majestic shout:“Bold evildoer,The deity can tell at a glance,you are not human!!!”
“You are not human,Your whole family is not human。”After Huang Yuanyuan defamated a sentence,But his face changed drastically,because,The big wooden staff of the mountain god stone statue has been knocked down。
“Eat a stick!”
The yellow round rolls backwards,Look at where you originally stood,There is a deep pit,Three meters wide,Two meters deep,The stones inside are all powdery。
It’s a fart?This is called‘Yan Gongzi’Taoist heirs,It’s so powerful that it can be directly underground‘call’A stone statue of a mountain god?
Taoist magic is so terrifying?!
Huang Yuanyuan no longer has the heart to fight,Turn around and run。
“Want to run?See where you can go,Today I will take your evil spirit sacrifice sword!!”The mountain god stone statue waved again,Huang Yuanyuan cracked a hole in her foot。
“Ouch,My mother!”
Huang Yuanyuan yelled,Fell down。
“Little evildoer,Dare to be presumptuous in front of the deity?”Mountain god stone statues are extraordinary。
And Qin Shufang and Tian Xiaotian,Including Wei Yu is dumbfounded。