Said the round face sergeant:“The issue is,I can’t explain the calculation results now,Will it go so smoothly?”

Three people studied in a low voice for a long time,Finally decided not to tell Lei Tianzi,Because the result is good,Not telling the leader will not change the good results,If the result is not good,Let the leaders maintain their vigilance,Best for everyone。
Think so,In both good and bad,The three experienced sergeants did not hesitate to choose to be vigilant beforehand,Don’t escape,A decision not to fear afterwards。
Tianzi Lei didn’t know about it,He is still lingering with Qianqian,Be happy、Happy Gan Qian infection,Treat this trip as an outing。Only one day’s flight from Samsara Cliff,The entire environment of Samsara Cliff has entered the big screen of Lei Wang Chao Brain,The omni-directional camera began to shoot at various places of the Samsara Cliff without missing a blind spot,The three conspired sergeants refused to rest,Working overtime and watching the big screen,I want to discover the hidden danger earlier。
After countless calculations,Lei Wang Chao Nao did not give any warning of abnormal values,From the quality of this land、Coverage analysis,Just a different space,Just the environment after passing through this different space,Lei Wang Chaonao must be powerless。
Just this uncharted territory,For Lei Tianzi and others who have been adventuring through the stars all year round,It’s just a box of small puddles。
The place of Samsara Cliff is very big,Most of them are snow and ice environments,There is no stellar heating nearby,The temperature is around three degrees below zero all year round,Only the Spirit Tree and Spirit Grass, which are not commonly seen elsewhere, grow alone,You can also see some monsters that choose extreme cold environments。
The sergeant in charge of the investigation found some immortals,According to the speed of these people’s flight, it is guessed that they are all immortal cultivators in the realm of real immortals.,And the number is more than ten million,From different families。
After learning this situation,Emperor Lei ordered Yi Jiayi and Wang Qinglin to check,Mainly to ascertain the origin and purpose of those people。
The news Yi Jiayi brought back was:“These cultivators belong to the cultivators of Taiyue Gate in the Seven Star Continent,Come here to find a kind of immortal grass long-spirit star petals。”
“Is there a long-spirit star petal here?”Lei Tianzi still has doubts in his heart,According to his guess,These immortals should also come to find a quick way to upgrade。
“I saw the two celestial celestial grasses they found。”Yi Jiayi hurriedly replied。
Emperor Lei looked at Gan Qian and said:“The immortal cultivators of Taiyue Gate do not conflict with our goals,Wang Qinglin, let’s exchange for two celestial grasses with the cultivator of Taiyuemen!I want to plant Changling Star petals。”
Wang Qinglin received the task and flew away,Qian Qian frowned and said:“I think Taiyuemen has other conspiracies,You don’t need so many manpower to find the long-spirit star petals!”
“Where is the upgrade??”Lei Tianzi put aside Taiyuemen’s question and said。
“Samsara Cliff is famous for Samsara Road,We just need to enter the path of reincarnation,but,According to ancient records,No one has ever returned after entering Samsara,I don’t know if it’s life or death。”Gan Qian’s wish to be alone with Emperor Lei has been fulfilled,No longer eager to upgrade,Speak out the danger,Means to let Lei Tianzi retreat,Go back home,There is still a year of love on the road。
Lei Tianzi nodded,Said to Yi Jiayi:“You and Wang Qinglin stay here,I took Gan Qian into the Tao of Reincarnation。”
“we are Family,You don’t want to favor one another?Life and death depends on God’s will。”Yi Jiayi refused to obey Lei Tianzi’s arrangement。