The departure of Qin Peizong and others cannot be completed immediately,They still have relatives away from home who need to call back,Some relatives need to say goodbye,The bills owed must also be cleaned up,I have to pay back the money I owe,The accounts owed to them are not so easy to recover,These losses are not small,Lei Tianzi is capable,But not willing to fill the bills for them。

After all,Tianzi Lei is here to rescue people like Qin Peizong,I didn’t come to flatten them。
I want to get acquainted with them,That was a chance encounter,It’s also the fate between people,As for the subsequent conflict between Lei Tianzi and Kou Mantang, it was not Lei Tianzi’s fault.,As a friend,Qin Peizong and others should stand firmly on Lei Tianzi’s side,If measured by profit,They should also be on Lei Tianzi’s side,After all, the Emperor Lei had the upper hand,But Qin Peizong and others did not clearly stand up and express the same position as Lei Tianzi,This is not a good time。
later,Lei Tianzi is leaving,I also promised to bring Qin Peizong and others with him.,And then pay them back,It would damage the interests of Emperor Lei。
When Xiao Xiao left Puyuan Star Region,Hatred in my heart,If you are only friends with Lei Tianzi,Lei Tianzi will not come forward to report that hatred for Xiao Xiao,But Xiao Xiao is the woman of Emperor Lei,This little relationship has changed the connection between many people,Lei Tianzi helped Xiao Xiao get revenge and hatred is also out of emotional standpoint。
This time,Lei Tianzi and Xia Yu、Xia Yan has no emotional connection,And did not settle the economic pit for the Xia family,From the benefit point of view,Xia’s loss from Nuodong Star Territory,No one who owes them money can’t find a shadow,A lot of the money they owed was given to the creditor。
This result is because everyone knows that the Xia family and Qin Peizong are leaving,Maybe never come back,Then the debts they owed the locals must be collected,As for the debt that others owe them,Just hide for a while,Wait for Qin Peizong and Xia family to leave,That debt will be discharged naturally。
All people think so,Qin Peizong and the Xia family have to suffer。
Like this,No wonder who。
Qin Peizong’s family sold their properties,I have been busy packing for three years,The reason why it has been so long,It’s all because their industry can’t sell at the ideal price,They did not leave their homeland because of the war,It’s all a migration,So even if it’s a wall, I hope to sell it at the usual price.,Instead of leaving it without hesitation。
These three years,Lei Tianzi is busy making military equipment transactions with Nuodong Star Domain,Every day there are trillions of fairy crystals,He will definitely not let himself suffer。
The number of military equipment in the Donnuodong star field has basically reached the stage of saturation,Only then did Emperor Lei remember leaving,After giving Qin Peizong and other families a large amount of compensation, he left.。
This time came to Nuodong Starfield,There are more than one billion people in Dongtianfudi,Part is Qin Pei brown、Xia Jia、Family relatives of Shuangxiong branch,In addition, there are servants purchased by the sergeants of the Thunder Sky team.,Especially the number of female fairies。
The new star castle is very fast in the starry sky,Xia Yu specially asked Lei Tianzi to watch the scenery in the operation cabin of Star Castle,Because it’s Xia Yu,Lei Tianzi gave special instructions,If you change another person, you won’t agree to mix the operation cabin of Star Castle into an outsider.。
Xia Yu saw the scenery that she had never seen in her life,Even though the starry sky is dark outside,But the stars in the distance and the processed bright images on the big screen show that the distant starry sky is not empty.,There are air clouds in many places,There is an endless meteorite zone,Some are like the death stars of wanderers,There are even surging rivers,No one knows where the source of these big rivers is,Where do they go。
The scenery in the starry sky is not too beautiful,But it feels beautiful,And magnificent,Seems impossible to be here,But unexpectedly appeared,Special weird,It seems that they have lived in the stars since the ages,Only here is their home。