The immortals of the iron plastic gate of the tenth Qin continent actively demanded to participate in the war,Millions of people have written down the war book。

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Chapter Three Sixty Five Dragon-shaped monster
Lei Tianzi shook his head straight,His Thunder Team personnel have been saturated,Won’t hire people easily,The attitude of the immortal cultivator of the iron plastic door is very good,But Lei Tianzi refused,Really let them go,Fight against the dragon-shaped monster,It may be dead or not。
Only two days later,News from Thunder Team:“A team of dragon-shaped monsters killed over,The number is about 300 million,Have a fight with us,More than 220 million killed on the spot,The rest escaped,Was wiped out by another of us in the magnetic field。”
The so-called magnetic field circle is the barrier of the three-dimensional space,The dragon-shaped monster race can go through there freely,Lei Tianzi was very surprised,Immediately replied:“Haven’t you let go of a few dragon-shaped monster sergeants??”
“According to the general’s request,We consciously let go of the three dragon-shaped monster cultivators。”
Emperor Lei found out after checking,This Lei Tian team was led by Qian Qianqin’s son Lei Wan,Take another look at Lei Wan’s ability。
Lei Tianzi then asked:“How is our loss?”
“Report to His Majesty the Great,We died more than seven million。”
“Oh,I know。”Tianzi Lei is not in a good mood,The appreciation of Lei Wan just turned into disappointment,The life of every sergeant of Thunder Team is precious,With such sophisticated weapons and equipment,Caused the deaths of so many sergeants,The commander has an unshirkable responsibility。
Lei Tianzi immediately ordered the Ten Route Army under his command to rush to the magnetic field circle through the teleportation array.,Ready to fight the dragon-shaped monster clan army,Must wipe out the enemy。
After the assembly order is issued,Xu Na and others go one step ahead,Half a day later,The sergeant of the Thunder Sky team transferred from the outside world also chased afterwards.。
This time Lei Tianzi has assembled a total of two trillion Lei Tian sergeants,There are sergeants participating in the war in each star field,On the surface it is still calm,But the Thunder Team has already become a sensation,At least one hundred billion cultivators know this news。