“It’s the first time I heard of this precious resource that can be upgraded very quickly。”

“If you take a wish pill,Can’t be interrupted later,Must always be taken,Otherwise, the cultivation level will be lowered。”
“There is this saying?”Lei Tianzi’s expression became serious,He really hadn’t heard of this kind of legacy like a drug addiction.。
“Of course!How could i deceive you?”Zhu Kemi said seriously。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five Declare war on monsters
Lei Tianzi didn’t dare to take prayer pills,Changed the subject:“Since you are a princess,Have a fief?”
Zhu Kemi understood the meaning of Lei Tianzi’s words,Said:“My health is not good,There has been no fief,Do you want a fief?”
“of course,I am your husband,According to the law, you should have a fief of your own。”Emperor Lei did not dare to say,Marrying Zhu Kemi is to have a strong background,Subject to management,There are a large number of prayer pills,if not like this,It makes no sense for him to marry Zhu Kemi,Of course,They are already a couple,There is no point in mentioning the past。
“The places on Xianyuan planet are all land with a master,Want to get a fief,Only start a war,Hit a piece by himself。”Zhu Kemi sighed,It’s not easy to say this thing。
“Fiefdom?”It’s the first time Lei Tianzi heard of this kind of thing,Asked wonderingly:“Isn’t it a reward from the emperor??”
“That needs free fiefdom,Only the emperor can carry out special rewards,Waiting for a thousand years is a common thing。”Zhu Kemi explained。
Lei Tianzi understands,Xianyuan Planet has such rules,He thought about it,Said:“If it’s a monster’s territory,,Does it belong to us too??”
“if that’s the case,Not only get the emperor’s reward,It’s possible to get the title of general,The issue is……Can you beat those strong monsters?”Zhu Kemi asked。
“How difficult is this?”Lei Tianzi said dismissively。
He wanted to attack the monster race by spreading the plague,But then the killing is too heavy,And it hurts,It’s too early to expose the most powerful killer。