Followed by He Hua Qiong there are about 10,000 guards of Wang Yu’s cultivation base,Also sneered:“These demon cultivators are also extremely stupid,Even though Terran is not smart enough,I can’t send some immortal cultivators to fight with you,Dare to send low-level cultivators,Then there must be some support,You guys pounced like this,What’s the difference with a moth?Dead for nothing,Unexpectedly, the always strong monster race has such stupid people。”

The first wave of attacks by the monster cultivators, which numbered nearly 100 million, was completely destroyed,It took less than an hour,The number of casualties under Lei Tianzi’s command was less than 10,000。
This battle gave great confidence to the immortal cultivators,Only then did they know,Winning the strong with the weak is not a dream,Just listen to the commander,Win the battle in an instant,Their confidence increased,Soon ready for the next battle。
Gao Weiyi participated in such a large-scale battle for the first time,Feel the murderous aura from the enemy,I also deeply realized that the unity of my people is the warmth of strength,Wide open,Recognition of her husband’s abilities has soared again。
Yaozu received Qianqian’s battle book,There are far more sergeants sent,Three hours later,The second wave of teams came from the depths of the stars,This time,Lei Tianzi broke up the entire team,From a ball-shaped defense state to a big net,Deep strength is weak,But formed a situation of encirclement to the monster army。
Lei Tianzi shouted to everyone:“Don’t mess up everyone,Don’t be afraid,The demon cultivator is just a paper tiger,We can defeat them as long as we are united,Let them see,Cultivators of the human race must not be insult。”
Experienced a war,The victorious Terran Cultivator has more confidence,It only took a few hours to change from timidity to active preparation。
Lookout Report:“The monster army has more than 3 billion numbers,Fifty times ours,Judging from the speed at which they fly,There are many immortal cultivators in Wang Yu,Takes up about half。”
The sergeant at this lookout post is also an infant,Still a female fairy,When reporting,The tone is trembling,After the report,The cold sweat from the body soaks the back,With all courage。
Lei Tianzi said contemptuously:“Don’t be afraid,Calm down,The stronger the enemy,The better for us,Lay out the formation as planned,Listen to my orders and carry out a full range of attacks。”
This time,When the monster army is still 30,000 kilometers away,Emperor Lei ordered an attack,Hundreds of millions of magnetic field talisman were sacrificed,Instantly shrouded more than 3 billion demon cultivators。
Wang Yuqiang’s cultivation is advanced,Even if it is affected by the magnetic field,Still struggling,They understand,These low-level cultivators of the human race must have mastered a certain secret weapon,To attack them in the stars,The small size of those ants actually caused trouble to the extremely powerful king’s immortal cultivator,Their consciousness lasted less than ten minutes,The mind gradually became confused,Then lost the ability to move,The eyes become blurred,There seemed to be a carefree childhood and a vigorous youth,What fame and fortune,What kingship,Have become dusty clouds。
This battle took a whole day,The number of injuries to the immortal cultivators under Lei Tianzi reached more than two million,They were all killed by the powerful kings of the monster clan,But their results are also extremely brilliant,Created the result that the human race defeated the strong with the weak for the first time in countless years。
Emperor Lei doesn’t need trophies,All the spoils obtained from the Yaozu were taken by the sergeants,Taking advantage of the demon cultivator being captured,He didn’t delay a second,Day and night brainwashing those who have a deep cultivation base,After five days and five nights,Lei Tianzi got the most loyal demon king domain powerhouse of about 100,000。