Xiao Ruoyi raised his hand and said:“I go。”

Emperor Lei hesitated for a moment,Xiao Ruoyi asked for it the last time he traveled to the Diaoling mainland,The task was completed successfully,This time she took the initiative to invite,Is really a rare general。
do not know why,Leaders need loyal subordinates,But the subordinates are too loyal,The speed of death is also fast,For example, Xiao Ruoyi in front of me,She is always so daring,One day you will die。
Emperor Lei couldn’t bear to let Xiao Ruoyi go to death,In front of so many people, but can’t refuse,Very conflicted,He had to say:“can,Then use Xiao Ruoyi as the coach,Who else would dare to go with her?”
He Lang shouted:“I go。”
“You are not a member of Thunder Team,Not among volunteers。”Lei Tianzi’s old face is black,He Lang is a friend,Still a super tough,Absolutely can’t take risks,Really need to be when fighting with the enemy。
In the end, hundreds of people who are not afraid of death came forward,Willing to perform tasks with Xiao Ruoyi。
Lei Tianzi gave Xiao Ruoyiyi(tào)High-quality defense armor,This is the few high-grade armor in his hand,Xiao Ruoyi was not equipped with weapons,This is not to fight,No need for good weapons。
Xiao Ruoyi was very moved,Thank you seriously。
The explorers were divided into five teams,Xiao Ruoyi is at the forefront。
Wait for Xiao Ruoyi to enter the light domain,Lei Tianzi sent the second echelon of support soldiers,Although most of this team are female fairies,No shortage of brave people。
Behind the third and fourth teams,Lei Tianzi led the army to deploy a defensive formation thousands of miles away,The cultivation base has reached the level of the infantile period,The formation is relatively tasteless,But it also works。
Xiao Ruoyi, who walked in front, was very fast at first,Slow down when you reach the light domain,She felt that there was only a dazzling light before her eyes,I can’t see the environment farther away。
I sent it back to explain(qíng)condition,Lei Tianzi ordered:“Try to get closer,must be careful,Sacrifice the magical instruments of the seven-dimensional space to test the intensity of light,Observe carefully,Don’t worry about time,I believe you are the best。”
The last sentence gave Xiao Ruoyi a lot of encouragement,She took a deep breath,Tell teammates to stay back,She flew forward,A hundred miles away from the light curtain,With the perception of senior immortal cultivators, she sensed that an extremely dangerous force was approaching,Back hurriedly,Handily sacrifice a middle-grade artifact,Attack the light curtain。
The artifact rushes into the light curtain like a meteor,Then disappeared silently,No response at all,Xiao Ruoyi noticed that the connection with the artifact disappeared。
She took a breath,I was unwilling to throw a superb artifact,This time I can feel the speed of the gradual dissolution of the best magic weapon,Only three short breaths。
Xiao Ruoyi really learned the power of the light curtain,Keep sending the information he has discovered to Lei Tianzi。
Emperor Lei whispered to discuss with Liu Tang:“It seems that the best magical instruments are useless,Try it with the artifact!”