The cyan domain is in the long-horn star domain,It’s a place where you can only see a bluish light from a distance,There are at least 10,000 Pandor continents in it.,Only allow immortal cultivators in the solid foundation period to enter,Every five thousand years,The cyan light gradually dimmed,It’s about ten years old,at this time,The immortal cultivators of the entire Longhorn Star Territory can enter it to hunt for treasure,It’s filled with deadly light and poisonous gas、Extremely cold and the sun’s spirit that burns everything。

Since the cultivation base is higher than the solid foundation period, the immortal cultivation will undoubtedly die,Zuo Yan and Zhi Lao、Jiang Yuehan can only stay,There is no expert guard around Lei Tianzi,This time I can only see his own ability。
in fact,Lei Tianzi’s combat effectiveness is not weak,But there are too many masters in the world of cultivation,Lei Tianzi has been cautious,Not easy,He chooses to practice《Glass heart》The exercise has been slightly accomplished,No one has successfully practiced this exercise for countless years,Lei Tianzi occasionally got the trick,Just when the spirit receiving stage was promoted to the solid foundation stage and reborn,Just started practicing《Glass heart》,Now I have completed the first level of training。
《Glass heart》The practice spreads very widely,It’s no secret,Just a little strange,No one has been able to practice successfully since ancient times,The whole exercise is divided into six layers,The first layer of leather,Is to change the skin of the cultivator,The skin of the past has all faded,Change to Liuli skin,After finishing,The superb magic weapon does not hurt the skin at all,Is equivalent to putting on an excellent defensive armor,Second layer of meat,The same principle as leather refining,Is to turn the muscles of the whole body into glass,The third layer is bone strengthening,It’s also the level of making the cultivator’s bones into colored glaze,The fourth layer is to refine the meridians,Refining the meridians of the whole body into colored glaze,The fifth layer is blood refining,Refining blood into a liquid glass,The last layer is the most difficult,Is also the most critical step,Practice spiritual consciousness,When the spiritual consciousness of the practitioner has the hardness of colored glaze,It’s a great achievement。
legend,《Glass heart》After training,Immortal cultivator immortal,Become a colored body that cannot be killed or broken,From then on,Invincible,This is the goal Lei Tianzi most hopes to achieve。
After more than three years of hard work,Lei Tianzi has finished《Glass heart》The first level of practice,In private, Qiao Huiru used the sword of the best magic weapon to chop,Cut it on Lei Tianzi’s body and make a clanging sound,Really can’t hurt,If you use an artifact attack,Tianzi Lei’s body still can’t resist。
This time to explore the cyan light domain,Emperor Lei worried about the safety of his wives,Insist on putting Qiao Huiru、Liu Tang、Shinan Sui、Yuan Li、Hongna and others stayed,Even the big disciple Na Qi Yiyi didn’t bring it,In addition, Bai Hui and others from Baliwu,They are also immortal cultivators in the Suo Dan stage,Can’t enter the cyan light domain,Baliwu was handed over to Zhirao.,Zhi Lao glanced at the artifact space,Pouting,Just throw it into the space in your body,Never look again。
Hongna cares about him very much,I deliberately selected two people from the God Eye Clan,Red rain during the solid base period、Red and white follow,In the process of taking risks,The perspective function of God Eye can undoubtedly help a lot。
Most of China’s immortal cultivators do not choose to take risks,They still don’t know enough about the world of cultivation,Want to capture amazing wealth,Can only take risks,Sit at home,Pies will never fall from the sky,The more dangerous the place, the greater the opportunity,Just look at how to get it。
Three days later,Emperor Lei personally led an army of 100,000,There are only a hundred sergeants remaining guarding the lone barracks。
Travel in the starry sky and still use starships,Half a month later,The star ship controlled by the infancy cultivator stops deep in the dark starry sky,Facing a star field glowing with blue light,Countless star ships appeared from the darkness,The three superpowers that controlled the Longhorn star field have sent a large number of solid foundation stage cultivators。
Chu Tianya under Li Yong alone sent one hundred thousand solid foundation stage cultivators,I can imagine how many other city owners can send,There are as many lords in the entire Longhorn Star Region,With the starship stopped,One after another released the immortal cultivators who were hiding in the space of the magic weapon,Countless heads of people appeared in the originally empty starry sky,Roughly count,There are about 300 million solid foundation cultivators participating in this expedition feast。
The first team has already started flying towards the azure domain,After flying thousands of miles,The figure disappeared in the cyan light field。
The garrison squad that sent Lei Tianzi and the others doesn’t care about what the Mountain Patroller of the C Corps will do next,They actually talked with Heng Zhuoliang and Mao’s Cultivator,Secretly exchange training resources。
This is the status quo,Don’t look at their superiors fighting for life,The immortal cultivators still focus on cultivation,That need,Nothing can stop you,The outcome of the war has little effect on them。
Lei Tianzi is not eager to enter the blue light domain,He stood in the starry sky for a long time,Did not find any danger,See the explorers who went on,Finally decided to lead the team in。
His method of entry is different,Only red rain、Red and white follow,The rest of the people enter the magic weapon space,Then the figure swept,Anxious like a meteor avoiding the front,Cut in at an oblique angle。
As if breaking into a misty light curtain,The glaucoma in front of me disappeared,There is still a bright starry sky before Lei Tianzi,There is a slowly rotating planet in the distance,And the dark continent,Can’t see the side at a glance,It takes three months to fly to any planet from here。
The Cyan Light Domain opens once every five thousand years,There must be countless treasures here。