Lei Tianzi ordered to clean up military merits is to rectify military affairs,Clean up the black sheep,Replaced by a group of loyal and capable sergeants,Improve the combat effectiveness of the entire army。

This time, the campaign to clean up military exploits has improved the cohesion of the Thunder Team to a certain extent.,Comprehensive combat effectiveness has been improved,Finally put(chūn)flute(chūn)He changed,Zhai Jun still retains the post of government chief。
This is because Zhai Jun has a low realm and is not good at fighting,But has a certain military foundation,Actively participated in previous battles,And he is aware of the control methods of subordinate officers,She herself has no military exploits,But can get the support of subordinates。
(chūn)flute(chūn)He can’t manage military affairs because of long-term alchemy,Even though they are working hard,And support the troops,No trouble Lei Tianzi,But their inadequacy in handling military affairs is still seen by others,After being cleaned out this time,Took the position of senior leader。
Lei Tianzi has nothing to say,Had to comfort the two concubines:“You are really bad at handling military affairs,Follow me to refine the pill,Actually it’s not bad to follow me,At least we don’t lack grace together(ài)time。”
The last sentence dismissed(chūn)flute(chūn)Resentment in He’s Heart,Their hearts(qíng)Then it gets better,With my husband(ài)Yuze is the most important,What kind of officer,Tired and tired, not pleased。
After sharply slashing the 1.5 billion Thunder Sky team,Only when Lei Tianzi made time to incorporate the more than 2.6 billion captured immortal cultivators from the Han family into the Thunder Team,Then let Dong Chan’er train them into elite fighters。
Thus,The old and new fighters of the Thunder Team add up to more than 4 billion。
Given the large number of people,Lei Tianzi controlled the number of each corps to about 100 million,Corps with small numbers are more flexible,Easy to command,A total of forty-one large corps were born,Correspondingly, there are forty-one government chiefs,The number of Type B Corps and Type C Corps has been greatly reduced,There are not as many Longhorn Star Regions。
When I was in the Longhorn Star Field,The number of Class A Corps is relatively small,This is Li Yong and others who have prepared for a long-term battle,Focus on cultivating the B and C corps,Li Yong’s approach is a normal armament in the world of immortality,Many territorial powers do this。
Lei Tianzi belongs to people who have no fixed territory,His roots are not in the deep and wide star domain,The subordinates were also captured,They are almost all immortal cultivators,There is no fixed source space,Therefore, the number of Type B Corps and Type C Corps is very small,The only source is the families of those sergeants who died on the battlefield,There is the Black Wind Village that was destroyed、Xuejia、The Han family is lower than**Year old composition,as time flows,The children of the past have grown up,Their cultivation is also growing day by day,So there are very few Type B Corps and Type C Corps,These people are highly loyal,But not very powerful。
The overall situation of Team Thunder is basically like this,Although the cultivator needs more supplies,They are all paid by Yuyingdan,Fortunately, Lei Tianzi can always cultivate an alchemy team,A steady stream of elixir for the army,In addition, Team Thunder rarely defeats battles,Get a certain amount of loot in every battle,In general,Team Thunder is richer,No shortage of training materials,Every sergeant has many servants and wives,The cultivation progress is also very fast。
The first wave of offensive at Changshengmen took place eight months later,The first fiasco caused nearly 500 million losses to the longevity gate,Morale is suppressed,Fortunately, there is no loss of high-end combat power,The powerful Changshengmen does not care about the casualties of 500 million people。
This time,The longevity gate has assembled a seven billion army,External propaganda is an army of tens of billions,Take 100,000 starships from Taiyuan(yīn)Star Field Departure,Stopped in the void that is 10 million kilometers away from the deep and wide star field,Then assemble the formation again,Ready to attack Thunder Team。
Changshengmen provoked war once again,Lei Tianzi was very angry,There is actually no grudge between him and the longevity gate,Logically,Team Thunder is kind to Changshengmen,If it weren’t for Lei Tianzi’s life-long danger to get Han Ju away,The longevity gate has been suppressed by the Han family until now。
Lei Tianzi scolded bitterly:“The longevity gate is really shameless,I don’t know if the pain is high。”
Today’s Thunder Team has more than 4 billion troops,Plus Dong Chaner’s standard sergeant training,Improved combat effectiveness,Even if you face ten times the enemy, you have the power to fight to the end。