“it is good!Husband,I am leaving tomorrow,Today you have to comfort me。”Zuo Yan is very excited,She seemed to see a scene of the Thunder Team’s flag flying in the wind over the star field at the end of the stream.。

One night before the expedition(ài)Let Zuo Yan refreshed,With her subordinates totaling about 30 million Type A Corps and more than 50 million Type B Corps and set off,The corps she formed has a total of five eight-dimensional star castles,Form a battle formation。
After Zuo Yan left,Lei Tianzi and Liu Tang take Dong Chan’er、Xu Jie、Tian Qi and Tian Lu went to the Hairpin Star Territory,They came here specifically to catch space bugs this time,After Liu Tang’s spatial skills were advanced,,No longer afraid of being transferred to other star regions by space bugs,This time they came prepared。
Although Lei Tianzi didn’t clearly stipulate who had the final say in the monkhood,But everyone agrees that Qiao Huiru deserves the position of a lady,Qiao Huiru’s temper(xìng)Good,Cultivation base is not too high,Principles(xìng),impartial,It makes sense in front of everyone。
Usually Qiao Huiru sits on Double Happiness Planet,Zuo Yan just left,Lei Tianzi also took action,Jiang Yuehan, the highest realm, is aloof,Don’t intervene,And don’t pay much attention to resource allocation,There is a conflict between the wives,Jiang Yuehan is also willing to come forward and settle down。
Thus,Tianzi Lei can devote all his energy to his career,After Liu Tang went to pay homage to Master Guan Feng,Took over Guan’s industry,Shelter Guan Feng’s descendants。
The family set off with Xiao Ruoyi’s guard,This team is newly equipped with a large number of low-level artifacts,The combat power is much stronger than the Second Army dedicated to combat。
Inside the eight-dimensional star castle,Lei Tianzi points to the palace(diàn)The mountains and rivers outside said:“You remembered,Don’t run around in an eight-dimensional space,You have to stop when you meet the god mulberry tree,Walking boldly when encountering the Qianlu tree,This is the mark made by Liu Tang,Outsiders don’t understand,Once in the range of the mulberry tree,I don’t know which era will be passed on by the space-time formation,Maybe ancient,Maybe the future,By then,It’s really not working every day。”
Dong Chan’er stuck out his tongue and said:“so smart?”
“of course,Do you think eight-dimensional space is a good place??The last time Lei Luo sent Gu Fan and a few people who didn’t know where to go,Liu Tang can’t find it。”
Everyone remembered what Lei Tianzi said,Usually around,I saw the mulberry tree from a distance and never dared to approach,The sergeant of Thunder Team has been warned long ago,And don’t go to where the mulberry tree is。
The eight-dimensional space is very large,The countless beautiful scenery is amazing,It can be said,Each eight-dimensional space is the size of two or three green planets,There is also a small starry sky for the cultivator to fly freely,The worst is,The resources here are not renewable,Are all transferred in from outside,Spirit herb and magic medicine can grow,Xianjing、Shenjing is not born。
After all, the eight-dimensional space belongs to a magic weapon refined by the cultivator,Not born in nature。
If you live in a mortal,You can live comfortably in the eight-dimensional space,For the cultivators who need huge training resources,Eight-dimensional space is still relatively small。
When people can walk,Eager to fly,When able to fly,But eager to conquer the stars,Human(yù)*Hope is endless。
Lei Tianzi lived on the earth for several years,The earth’s development on the scarce planet has almost come to an end,If you don’t get out of the earth within ten thousand years,Looking for resources in the starry sky,I’m afraid it will restrict development,Lei Tianzi thought about these questions in a daze,Looks dazed,Suddenly someone came over,It turned out to be Wei Xi, the host of Junya Auction,Fifty years ago,Junya auction offends a strong man,Then encountered massacre。
Wei Xi almost died in the massacre,Qiao Huiru passed by and was rescued in a critical moment,For this,Qiao Huiru offended the strong man,Qiao Huiru assembled a government sergeant under her command to start a fierce battle with the strong organization,Finally win,Kill the strong,Since then,The homeless Wei Xi served as a soldier in the first government team,There are only a hundred people under his command,It’s a little leader。
Seeing Emperor Lei come back,Wei Xi smiled,Stroked the messy hair on his forehead,In fact, the cultivator can control every hair of his own.,Her actions are completely subconscious,Because of my nervousness,This adult is more than a little bit higher than her。