The experienced Lei Tianzi naturally heard the meaning of protection in Sun Cheng’s words,Smiled and nodded and walked out,Enter an ordinary small courtyard under the guidance of the sergeant who Sun Cheng has greeted,This is where Lei Tianzi lives。

After Caiyan City has its own station,Lei Tianzi and Dong Chan’er and other most important officials reported on the attitude of the human race,And my concerns。
Zhai Jun, who has fully grown up, said:“Then unite with Sun Cheng of Lake Guiya,Take Tao Jiazhao back,Nothing to say,Our enemy is not only the Yaozu,All families that are unfavorable to us are included in the enemy’s list。”
Wang Zhaojian, who has been practicing for many years, said:“Heard before,Taoists are more domineering,Selfish,After meeting,I hope that the adults still focus on the overall situation,Little Taoist is not worried。”
Most people advocate taking some harsh measures against the Tao family,Speak vaguely,In fact, Tao Jialiwei was destroyed,Then let the Lei Tianzi leader clan immortal cultivator face the demon clan,Team Thunder is confident to defeat Yaozu,Lei Tianzi has the final say in the future double-elephant star field,Have the right to decide on the allocation of resources。
There is still a layer of hesitation in Lei Tianzi’s heart:“I will definitely not stay in the double-elephant star field for too long in the future,Too many enemies are not good for future development。”
He pressed his subordinates to discuss passionately,Said:“It’s not difficult to kill the Tao family,We need them to act before they can fight back,After all, they belong to the same human race,Can’t settle the matter afterwards,Just be more vigilant,This is a political(xìng)Qualitative topic,Can’t be too impulsive,if not,Morally we are passive,Not in line with the improvement of the positive image I have been working hard to manage。”
Learned that Emperor Lei came to Caiyan City,Many great human forces came to visit,In addition to gifts from various parties,I am very curious about Team Thunder,It’s also very interesting,After Lei Tianzi came to the Double Elephant Star Field,His fighting power is unknown,But the reputation of Team Thunder and Monster Race’s tens of billions of decisive battles is well known.。
Those three battles caused heavy losses to Team Thunder,The total number of casualties exceeds 5 billion,Left a lot of sequelae,Lei Tianzi is under great pressure,After nearly ten years of suffering,Just breathe out。
After coming to Caiyan City,Lei Tianzi released more than 3 billion human races,Give them freedom,Also relieved myself of the burden,At least I don’t need to distribute elixirs to these people。
Those 3 billion Terran cultivators also legend the power of Thunder Team and the details of the three battles,They don’t know some military secrets about Team Thunder,Gives the impression that:Team Thunder is unbeatable。
Some people believe these rumors,Some people don’t believe it at all,They unilaterally believe that the rescued Terran Cultivators have exaggerated the strength of Team Thunder,The number of monsters participating in the war is not that many,It’s probably the same number as the Thunder Sky team,The human race and the monster race can only have similar numbers(qíng)Only to defeat the monster race,If there are too many monsters,Human race can’t defeat Yao race。
So many people in a battle,The starry sky occupied is hundreds of millions of miles,In addition to the commander,It is impossible for outsiders to understand the whole battle,All they saw was a corner of the battlefield,Even if there is(rì)The moon image as evidence can’t explain much。
What Lei Tianzi needs is something that is really affordable,No performance promotion,He still holds the concealed mind in terms of the highest force,As long as you can kill the enemy is the best result,As for deliberately promoting the strength of Team Thunder。
There is no need to brag and exaggerate,Can you try it out on the battlefield?,If it’s really a record,Certainly can’t stand the test of actual combat,At this point in actual combat,Lei Tianzi has absolute confidence in his Lei Tian team,Today’s Thunder Team has been tempered after the war,Has become a real iron army。
Lake Guiya、Hun Fanjiang、KitKat、Guanglinguan、Liuguyun、Guangyi Village、Tao Jia、Lin、The palace family and the Thunder Team are the top ten forces of the human race.,Formed the Terran Army。
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