Guan Feng doesn’t ask Lei Tianzi if something is wrong,Sit in the living room chatting for a while,There is no topic,Although the topic is scattered,But Guan Feng’s insight and majestic pattern impressed Lei Tianzi deeply.。

He said to Guan Feng:“My two ladies have been learning painting and calligraphy since they were young,I have long heard that Senior Guan is very accomplished in the field of calligraphy and painting,Please Guan senior give pointers。”
Liu Tang said:“I only studied the calligraphy and painting skills for two days.?Your kid is not blinking,Even Jiang Yuehan never studied calligraphy and painting since childhood?”
Jiang Yuehan was born in the entertainment industry,That place was originally an environment full of lies,His face is very calm,I can’t see any psychological fluctuations at all。
Cultivators are very capable of accepting knowledge,Although Jiang Yuehan and Liu Tang both studied the field of calligraphy and painting the day before,Already able to draw on the easel,Finger keep flicking the brush,The meaning of strangeness can be seen between the ups and downs of the wrist,Drew a picture in less than an hour。
Lei Tianzi noticed,Guan Feng stared at Liu Tang from the beginning,Guan Feng’s eyes are different from Yue Lun’s,That person Yue Lun is a bit disgusting,The eyes of the female fairy are possessive*hope,Guan Feng’s eyes are crystal clear,I like Liu Tang in my heart,Emotions are also more restrained。
in fact,Jiang Yuehan also meets Guan Feng’s requirements,But Jiang Yuehan’s realm is too high,Is already a cultivator,It doesn’t matter if you upgrade one more level、Humane practice,Reached the state of reaching the same goal by different routes,There is no room for development in Tiandao。
Guan Feng is too straightforward,Dismissed Jiang Yuehan who was painting together,But looking at Liu Tang’s work with great joy,Lei Tianzi looked on,I didn’t see the advantages of Liu Tang’s painting,This is the difference between the insider and the outsider,Emperor Lei doesn’t understand the way of heaven。
Jiang Yuehan is even more angry,Chuanyin said:“I want to compete with this polite Guan Feng。”
“forget it,He is also a gentleman among immortal cultivators,See what he said。”Emperor Lei stabilized Jiang Yuehan first。
Guan Feng said very lowly:“Prince,Your lady is suitable for practicing heaven。”
“She has practiced the exercises,Still in the state of Suodan period,Is it too late to practice heaven??”
Guan Feng Nianxu said:“The way of heaven is actually the way of nature,Dadao nature is the essence of heaven,It doesn’t matter how high or low the state is,As long as the qualifications meet,I naturally understand after entering the door。”
Guan Feng’s words are not all,He said there is no difference in realm,Why can’t Jiang Yuehan?It seems that the honest Guan Feng will also fool people,Know the truth and truth of words。
Lei Tianzi turned around and asked Liu Tang:“What do you mean?”