It’s time,The little nurse opened the door to remind,Tianzi Lei lazily stood up and went to the consultation room,Xie Yuxian, who was reading, looked up,Lei Tianzi feels strange to her,Not only the way of seeing a doctor is not up to the rules,Even the attendants who followed him behaved strangely,They only change their expressions while sitting there,Sometimes laughing, sometimes amazed, sometimes terrifying,But no verbal communication,More like a fool。

Chapter Forty Seven Chaos
The department consultation in the afternoon is very fast,After Lei Tianzi attended the meeting,Three operations were finalized with a sharp knife,The other doctors didn’t even have time to interrupt,Finally, it was decided that the three operations will be performed by Lei Tianzi himself。
Other doctors sneered,They wait to see the joke,There has never been a doctor who can perform three operations in a row,Every patient has brain surgery,A little carelessness can cause doctor-patient disputes。
Emperor Lei doesn’t care about others’ opinions,Follow the procedure to disinfect myself,Then verify the patient in front of the operating table,Perform craniotomy and resection according to the examination report on the medical record,Two of the patients are cleaning up the congestion of the brain,The last one is the resection of cerebral vascular regeneration,In his opinion, they are all very risky operations。
Dao Guang Lao Lao,It only took 48 minutes to complete,The other doctors didn’t even see how he made the knife,But according to the patient’s physical data,The operation was very successful,Should be fine。
First day at work,Emperor Lei suppressed all the doctors and nurses,Only then did they know,The attending doctor can be so awesome,Not to mention the amount of work done by one person,The speed and quality of the operation are top-notch。
Go to work again,Xie Yuxian changed his attitude,Said:“Dr. Ray,Tonight, our department will hold a welcome ceremony for your entry,You are the protagonist。”
“Don’t need to be so troublesome,If it is for dinner,Let’s avoid it,I haven’t eaten recently。”
“Skip eating?What do you mean?”Xie Yuxian asked with his eyes widened。
“I don’t need to eat,That thing is useless。”
“you……Is it……Drink blood?”Xie Yuxian has recently become obsessed with vampire TV series,Know that the vampire in the story does not eat,So boldly guess。
“I eat elixir。”Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but look at Xie Yuxian curiously,Thought:“Are you still a doctor?Speaking is not scientific and logical,Drinking blood is a monster to do it,I am a normal person?”
“The elixir of shit。”Under rage,Xie Yuxian burst into swearing,Such scenes are rare,Anyone who has had a relationship with Xie Yuxian will say:“Does the lady get angry too?It seems that Dr. Lei is not named Lei,It’s mine。”